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Put Selling Index Trade examples

Separated by year, this index looks at different Put Selling strategies and trades as they are applied in actual trades. By reviewing these stock trade articles investors can gain a better understanding of how Put Selling strategies work, how to modify and adjust them, how to rescue or repair failing trades and how to apply them to their own portfolios and stocks. Articles are listed from most recent to oldest. To read an article select the article title.

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  • Controlling Risk Through Reading Charts – Exxon Mobil Stock

    • Nov 29 2015
    • Outline: Understanding and controlling risk are perhaps among the hardest areas for most investors to become experts in. This year commodity and energy stocks have hit investors particularly hard. By learning how to control risk through reading a stock chart, investors can guard their capital against losses while staying focused on making profits.


  • Walmart Stock Rescue Strategy

    • Oct 30 2015
    • Outline:  There are two key aspects to investing successfully. Both are equally important. The first is having clear goals and not deviating from those goals. The second is knowing and understanding the type of investor you are. These are key ingredients when putting together a rescue strategy that keeps a trade profitable and the capital in use, safe from losses.


  • Understanding Risk and Big Cap Stocks – YUM Stock

    • Oct 20 2015
    • Outline:  This is a strategy discussion article that looks back at the past 10 years of trading within YUM Stock to show why big cap stock investing for the small investor can work well. Focusing on diversified big cap stocks with a global presence can both grow a portfolio for the small investor as well as protect it from steep losses


  • Understanding Put Selling Safety Heading Into Earnings – Microsoft Stock

    • Oct 20 2015
    • Outline:  Trading around earnings can be rewarding and at the same time disastrous depending on the stock traded and what earnings can bring.  Often when earnings fail to meet estimates investors will punish a stock quickly by selling out and depressing the price often to levels investors find frightening. A drop of anywhere from 5% to 20% or more in a single day can unnerve even the most seasoned investor. Yet investors love to trade around earnings as option premiums are higher than usual. The problem is the chance of loss of capital is also high. To handle this, I developed a simple strategy that allows me to review a stock and determine what trade I should be considering which will protect my capital and yet offer a decent return. The return must compensate me for the risk I am taking and this strategy makes it easier to decide. The problem often though is that investors fail to have patience while waiting for their trade to develop to their advantage. It is important to not be driven by profit but instead be driven by safety of invested capital.


  • Color Code Rescue Strategy For In The Money Naked Puts – YUM Stock

    • Oct 7 2015
    • Outline: Ahead of earnings I like to sell put options. Sometimes though a trade does not work out and the stock plunges far below my naked put position leaving me deeply in the money and at risk of losses and assignment of shares. To assist when such an event occurs I turn to the color code system. This system can be used to advise just how bad the damage is in the plunge and how to establish a rescue strategy that is both cost effective and profitable.


  • Profiting From New Share Issue Announcements – National Bank of Canada Stock

    • Oct 2 2015
    • Outline: When an existing big cap company issues new shares it dilutes the share value for existing shareholders. This causes concern and even panic among investors. Many times companies issue new shares without advising existing shareholders why the new shares are being issued. Investors worry that an unknown event is about to happen which will send their stock values lower. This can often create an excellent Put Selling trade for investors but the question is how to determine whether the stock in question is worthy of risking capital against.



  • Why Scaling Into Positions Works In Corrections – United Health Group Stock – Sep 9 to 11 2015

    • Sep 11 2015
    • Outline:  Scaling slowly into trade positions, especially naked put trades, works incredibly well in corrections. This article looks at United Health Group Stock trades and shows how scaling works and why it is a superior strategy to consider to assist in keeping income flowing into a portfolio while working to keep capital as safe as possible during periods of high volatility.


  • How To Rescue In The Money Naked Put Trade With Leap Options – Investor Questions

    • Sep 8 2015
    • Outline: An investor writes in who has a lot of naked put positions and no capital left. As he rolls his options forward he begins to worry that the market may fall apart and leave his many naked put positions in the money and his capital tied to losing share valuations. This strategy article looks at how leap put options can be used to assist in rescuing in the money naked puts.


  • Profiting From Nervousness – VISA Stock

    • Aug 28 2015
    • Outline:  VISA Stock is one of the oldest trades in my online portfolio. I started VISA Stock trades with the IPO in 2007.  VISA  stock has been in an uptrend for a long time. Pretty well since the market crash of 2009 the stock has moved higher with the odd pullback here and there. However when a stock hits a large decline which appears to break long-term support lines, it is important to review just how much impact the collapse may have had to continue Put Selling for more profits. Put Selling an uptrending stock is much easier than a stock that may have broken its long-term uptrend.


  • Keys To Profiting In A Collapse – Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock

    • Aug 24 2015
    • Outline:  When stocks collapse the hardest thing to do is to risk capital in a rapidly declining market. But there are simple aspects that can assist investors in trading within collapsing stocks. One of the primary reasons that I trade in the same specific stocks is to build a firm understanding of the stock’s price movement and when a stock is undervalued, fairly valued and overvalued.  This article looks at 3 trades in Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock all of which were built around the confidence of knowing that if I am wrong, I can still protect my capital at risk.


  • The Home On The Range Strategy With Johnson and Johnson Stock

    • Aug 11 2015
    • Outline:  I have quite a few stocks in my portfolio that sit quietly each day making small moves here and there and then once in a while they make a larger move and I can bring in more profits. Johnson and Johnson Stock is definitely one of those stocks. Understanding what stocks meet which investing strategy criteria can go a long way to providing easier gains through Put Selling while still protecting capital from losses. This article looks at trading Johnson and Johnson Stock with the Home On The Range Strategy over a period of not just one year, but many years.


  • Selling Weekly Put Options On The IWM ETF – Russell 2000 Small Cap

    • Aug 7 2015
    • Outline: The goal when selling against an index type ETF like the IWM ETF is to set up Put Selling trades that can both protect capital being used while generating weekly income to compound and grow a portfolio. An index ETF offers distinct advantages and disadvantages for put selling investors.


  • 4 Rescue Strategies For Underwater Naked Put Positions in Intel Stock

    • July 24 2015
    • Outline: One of the hardest things for investors is to rescue or repair a Put Selling trade that they either failed to act on as a stock pulled back or could not act upon as the decline in the stock was too swift. This lengthy strategy article looks at 4 different strategies that Put Selling investors can use to try to return their trade to profitability and save their capital from losses or being assigned shares.


  • 8 Tips For Selling Puts In Volatile Stocks – Chicago Bridge and Iron Stock CBI

    • Jun 18, 2015
    • Outline: Selling put options for income or to eventually own stocks is a strategy of small gains. The goal is to either earn income or keep reducing eventual stock ownership cost through selling a put option for a small gain. Many options trade for just 25 cents while others can be above $1.00, but in general a 1% return each month is a reasonable goal to aim for. Stocks with better put option premiums tend to be more volatile stocks. Obviously more volatile stocks will have higher option premiums as risk is also higher in the stock. Selling options within highly volatile stocks can be risky. Here are 8 tips for selling put options in volatile stocks.


  • Tools For Spotting A Bottom In A Declining Stock -Put Selling CNR Stock

    • June 16 2015
    • Outline: When a stock falls investors who love Put Selling for income are tempted to jump in especially as put option premiums climb dramatically. However to do so without regard for the safety of the capital invested can quickly turn a profit into a large loss. As the stock keeps falling investors eventually “throw-in-the-towel” and close the losing naked put or credit put spread position for large losses. Instead by learning how to use technical tools properly, they can often spot the bottom in a declining stock and safely sell put options for larger than usual premiums while still focusing on protecting their capital from losses.


  • Never Missing An Opportunity – Selling Puts In The Drop of Packaging Corp of America (PKG)

    • May 29 2015
    • Outline: Stocks fall. That’s just reality of investing in risky assets. This is why I try to stay with large cap dividend paying stocks. In the event of a fall most large cap stocks with dividends are targeted for value as they tumble lower. This brings out buyers which often can stabilize the fall of a big cap stock. This article looks at the fall of Packaging Corp of America (PKG) and how Put Selling trades can be set up to take advantage and profit from such drops by understanding valuations where buyers are more than likely to start picking up a big cap that is falling.


  • Profiting After A Stock Split – Metro Inc Stock (MRU)

    • May 19 2015
    • Outline: This article focuses on a Canadian Stock but the lessons learned can be applied to any stock that will split. Often a stock split will see a stock move higher which means it is a great candidate for Put Selling while the stock re-asserts a new trading pattern. However that is not always the case. This article looks at trades in Metro Inc Stock where the rally I had expected after the 3 for 1 stock split, failed to materialize.


  • Put Selling Profiting From Using A Heatmap

    • May 11 2015
    • Outline:  Each day one of the more inventive ways to spot those stocks that have the highest volatility, is to use a heatmap. The heatmap gives a solid overview of every sector and every stock being traded. Those stocks with the largest moves can be quickly spotted as they get the most attention in a heatmap. This means with a quick glance an active investor can set up trades, even short-term Put Selling trades such as the weeklies, within minutes of reviewing the heatmap. This is a strategy discussion article but I have included it here in the event that investors miss it in the other index listings.


  • How To Sell Put Options For Big Profits On A Declining Stock And Protect Your Capital – BMO Stock

    • May 7 2015
    • Outline:  Selling put options and trying to avoid assignment of shares can be daunting in a declining market. It can seem to take nerves of steel to peer into the carnage of a decline and pick out stocks that are worth risking capital against through selling put options. This strategy discussion article looks at how I sell put options for big profits against a declining stock while at the same time focus on the safety of my capital being risked during a downturn. Downturns are scary but they also create some of the most profitable trades I have done. To protect my capital I designed a trade strategy that has worked well at advising me when to risk my capital and when to hold it back.


  • Adjusting A Put Selling Ladder In Coca Cola Stock

    • Apr 23 2015
    • Outline: The Put Selling ladder strategy has enormous benefits for the Put Selling investor. Not only does it protect trades it also brings in substantial income if the rungs on the ladder are set up and adjusted properly. This article looks at an ongoing trade in Coca Cola Stock and outlines the changes being made to a Put Selling ladder strategy as the stock changes movement.


  • Protecting Capital At Risk In Sun Life Financial Stock

    • Apr 12 2015
    • Outline: Sometimes a stock goes nowhere. It simply trends sideways with small dips and spikes and yet my returns can quickly compound on this type of stock. Eventually though, a trend changes in most stocks and Sun Life Financial Stock will be no different. If a stock cannot climb, it will eventually pullback until it can find buyers.  There are a number of ways to protect trades from substantial losses and allow an investor to sleep nights, but often the simplest ends up being the best.  Not only does it provide flexibility, but often it ends up being the cheapest and easiest to implement. This article looks at 3 different trade ideas in Sun Life Financial Stock that can effective provide protection for capital in use and keep Put Selling profits still pouring into my portfolio.


  • Weekly Wanderer Strategy Trade and Selling Both Puts and Calls – National Bank of Canada Stock

    • Apr 7 2015
    • Outline: One of the best strategies I have used repeatedly with National Bank of Canada stock is the Weekly Wanderer Strategy. This strategy can be setup to provide both call and put trading opportunities. What I like most about using the Weekly Wanderer Strategy though is the high level of protection when selling both puts and calls. By selling both sides of a stock movement I can increase my profit substantially and through the use of a strategy such as the Weekly Wanderer Strategy, I am able to monitor both sides of the trade and make necessary adjustments to keep the trades profitable and my capital safe from losses.



  • Designing a Trading Plan for Successful and Profitable Put Selling

    • March 14 2015
    • Outline: I continually preach that Having A Plan is probably the most essential part of investing. I know from personal experience that having a clear plan is key to my success as an investor. Having a plan provides every aspect needed for proper investing, from controlling emotions, to knowing what strategy to select, to knowing when to get into and out of a trade. Having a plan controls losses and works toward providing a steadier stream of consistently winning trades. This lengthy strategy article reviews a plan an investor presented to me to show how planning works and why it is essential.  This article relates to not just Put Selling strategies but investing through the use of strategies in general.


  • Why Starting Out Small With Put Selling Works – CIBC Stock

    • March 17 2015
    • Outline:  One of the best methods for trading in highly volatile markets is to scale slowly into positions. Many investors jump into a trade and apply all available capital in one trade. This is a strategy discussion article based on a trade in CIBC Stock which outlines and explains how to scale into a position through selling put options and why it often works in favor of the investor.


  • Changing Put Selling Strategies On An Ongoing Trade – Intel Stock

    • March 10 2015
    • Outline: Sometimes even the best of stocks and best of trades may not be working out. When that happens I step back, look at the strategy and many times realize the problem with the trade is the strategy being used. That means knowing when a strategy is not working or not generating the profit expected and how to change to a new strategy while the trade is still ongoing. This article looks at changing to the Walk That Profit Home To Momma Strategy as Intel stock plunges leaving my naked puts in the money and at risk of share assignment.


  • Decision Tools For A Roll-Down – Duke Energy Stock

    • March 2 2015
    • Outline:  If you trade within selling put or call options long enough you are bound to have some trades not work in your favor. With naked puts they can end up in the money.  A drop in Duke Energy opened up the question of whether the stock would fall lower and if so to what level. When it comes to handling a downturn in the stock there are 3 tools I use that help me make a decision as to what the stock might be up to.



  • Simplifying The Decision-Making Process  – Facebook Stock

    • Feb 18 2015
    • Outline:  Once a trade is put in place, many investors have trouble making future decisions on the trade. In many instances investors start a trade with good prospects for a decent return set in place. As time passes though the stock or ETF they are trading in, changes and decisions on whether to roll, buy to close, sell, buy more, move out, move down, move up and a dozen other such decisions needs to be made.  The problem for a lot of investors is too much information or not enough information and in particular not knowing how to approach the decision-making process in the first place.  Here is how I have learned to make decisions in minutes.


  • Understanding “Stink Bids” – Intel Stock

    • Feb 11 2015
    • Outline:  Stinks bids are great if done right. A stink bid is basically where I am offering a rather unrealistic price on far out of the money put or call strikes that the technical indicators advise the stock has little hope of reaching.  Stink bids have distinct advantages when selling put or call options  for income.


  • Using the 10-20-30 Moving Averages Strategy for Put Selling Thinly Traded Options – BCE Stock

    • Feb 5 2015
    • Outline:  There are significant differences between Canadian Stocks and US Stocks when traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The TSX for one thing is very small especially in comparison to the larger US Stock markets. For another, the market makers who maintain he various stock prices are more conservative and far less willing to keep bids and asks tight. Another area of concern are options which tend to be thinly traded and often have wide bid and ask spreads. I have found that most of the strategies I developed for US Stocks have to be modified when used against Canadian stocks when selling options for income.  The 10-20-30 moving averages strategy is one such example.


  • Staying Out Of Harm’s Way – Patience Equals Profits

    • Jan 19 2015
    • Outline: Investors sometimes tend to be impatient when a market direction is trying to sort itself out.  Often those investors who sell put options are eager to jump in and make trades. But it is important to understand the risk that is often associated with a market direction that is not at all clear. Having patience when selling options for income is a vital tool every investor should learn.


  • Understanding Rolling Down and Adding More Naked Puts

    • Jan 14 2015
    • Outline: It is important when selling put options for income but with no interest in ever owning shares, that an investor set up a value or criteria by which he will close a position to safe-guard it against losses and open a new one to continue to generate income. This often means rolling naked puts positions from one strike, to a lower strike and possibly further out in time before the options expire. To do this often means adding more naked put positions to keep the trade profitable. But it can also mean better gains in the overall trade.


  • 7 Rules For Fighting Your Emotions When Investing Through Selling Put Options

    • Jan 9 2015
    • Outline: Plunges in stocks and markets can happen at any time. Luckily they are not common events but when they happen they can unnerve investors. Here are my 7 rules for controlling emotions during what can be a very nerve-wracking experience, especially when holding naked puts and watching them fall quickly in the money.


  • Adding To Existing Naked Put Positions – Why I Keep Trading Suncor Stock

      • Jan 5 2015
      • Outline: Some stocks lend themselves to selling put options strategies. Those stocks I tend to set up a string or trades in or sell options repeatedly in until the pattern or events change the outlook. Many investors find this type of continuous trading within the same stock “risky”. Here is why I don’t.


  • Understanding Put Selling After A Stock Upgrade – Coca Cola Stock

    • Jan 5 2015
    • Outline: When a stock gets an upgrade from an analyst or a brokerage often it will jump in value. This jump can attract the attention of investors who sell put options, but many upgrades have short-term lasting value and the stock will drift back down. It is important to understand where prime Put Selling territory is on a stock to avoid being caught by an upgrade bump higher.




    • Dec 20 2014 
    • Outline:  This article looks at handling rolling in the money put credit spreads as a stock continues to fliounder. Many investors finding rolling credit put spreads difficult, but in most trades the answer is simple especially if, like my Aflac Stock trade, you can profit from both the short and the long side of the trade in a rolling position.


  • Approaching Roll Down Of Naked Puts – Exxon Mobil Stock

    • Dec 15 2014
    • Outline:  There are different ways to approach a declining stock when holding naked puts. One of the quickest and often easiest is to roll down naked puts. This article is a strategy discussion on rolling down naked puts in Exxon Mobil Stock and how the profit is maintained throughout the roll down.


  • Understanding Applying Capital – Disney Stock (DIS)

    • Dec 5 2014
    • Outline:  I am often asked by investors why I apply so much capital to different stocks rather than balance the capital equally among all trades.  I prefer the Warren Buffett approach when it comes to my investing. This article explained why I prefer to apply more capital to some stocks rather than others.


  • Understanding The Market Maker When It Comes To Selling Put Options – BMO Stock

    • Dec 4 2014
    • Outline:  In this article I look at the role of the market maker. Some days I can sell a put options for a specific price and the very next day the stock moves lower, yet the market maker does not seem to reflect the decline in the price of the put option. Often the spread is less. Why does this happen and how can an investor use this to their advantage when selling options. This is an opinion piece and I know a lot of market makers will disagree with me on this, but this has been my experience and here is how I use it to my advantage. Understanding how the market makers price options can go a long way toward safety when selling options, buying options and setting up spreads. The focus of this strategy article is on Put Selling, although the tips in this article can be used for any option trading.


  • Put Selling For Bigger Profits When A Strong Stock Collapses – Disney, Home Depot, Costco

    • Nov 9, 2014
    • When a strong stock collapses it presents a unique opportunity for above average profits. It also presents the possibility of capital loss if Put Selling is entered into without a strategy in place to maximize return and guard capital in use from potential losses. Put Selling When A Strong Stock Collapses looks at three stocks and how each is handled to enjoy profits and protect capital.


  • Rescuing Credit Put Spreads – BNS Stock

    • Oct 17 ,2014
    • This article discusses  investor’s questions on setting up, handling and rescuing his credit put spreads. By reviewing what others have done investors can learn a great deal on how to manage their own credit put spread positions, especially those that fail and end with losses.


  • Look To The Leaps For Big Profits and Protection in High Volatility Investing

    • Oct 15, 2014
    • The Leap Options are one of the areas I love to peruse when investors are dumping their shares in stocks I would own even for more than a year. Often though my leap puts expire out of the money and I end up just keeping the profits. Other times such as in the big bad bear of 2008 I ended up holding some shares that were assigned in January 2009. The key to this combination trade strategy is trading within short-term options and leap options. A lot of investing successfully has to do with staying in your comfort zone. This type of trade strategy does not require the investor to be very active, leaves lots of room for errors and provide a strong level of protection for those investors who worry about catastrophic losses.


  • High Volatility Investing – Rolling Into Profits Month after Month – RY Stock

    • Oct 15, 2014
    • Here is a strategy I have used many times when volatility rises such as it did in 2012 and 2011, let alone the bear markets of 2008 to 2009. This strategy takes advantage of high volatility to set up a trade which can be rolled month after month.


  • Combining Leaps and Short-Term Options -RY Stock

    • Sep 29, 2014
    • This article looks at the value and method of combining two different strategies to complement each other. While the longer-term strategy of selling leaps is advantageous from a dollar amount gain, the short-term options work to assist in keeping the entire trade on track to a successful conclusion and works toward maintaining a degree of stability with the overall trade to avoid possible stock assignment at too high a level.


  • Using Leap Options For Building A Fortress Dividend Portfoli0 – MFC Stock

    • Sep 7, 2014
    • Building A Fortress Dividend Portfolio is exactly as its name implies. An investor is constructing a dividend portfolio that is built like a fortress to withstand any assault from markets or geopolitical events. While the job of building such a portfolio might seem daunting, leap options can go a long way to making the task safer and easier than most investors realize. They are in fact one of the key components I use to construct my own dividend portfolio of  stocks.


  • 12 Tips To Build Trading Confidence For Put Selling At Market Highs

    • Aug 30, 2014
    • I get a lot of emails from members asking how they can build their confidence enough to risk their capital. When markets are at all-time highs  a lot of investors worry about risking their capital. With many investors nervous and worried about possibly getting caught in a downturn here are 12 tips designed to assist in building trading confidence for Put Selling at market highs.


  • Handling At The Money Naked Puts On Expiration Day – YUM Stock

    • Aug 29, 2014
    • Many investors find it difficult to know how to handle naked puts they have sold that end up at the money on or near expiration day. This article looks at how I handle such situations to stay profitable and keep my emotions underwrap.


  • Generating Income While Handling In The Money Naked Puts Part 4 – YUM Stock

  • Understanding And Applying Combination Strategies – Rogers Communications Stock

    • Aug 14, 2014
    • Sometimes a trade is better for both protection of capital in use and profits earned, when a combination of strategies is used. This article looks at a combination strategy I developed and use on stocks such as Rogers Stock to earn better returns and put in place a better level of protection.


  • 5 Rescue Strategies For Aflac and Yum Stocks In The Money Naked Puts

    • Aug 12, 2014
    • This lengthy article discusses 5 different rescue strategies an investor could consider when caught with naked puts that have fallen in the money. Often a stock falls faster than an investor can profitably react to. Other times an investor holds onto his naked puts hoping a stock will recover and still leave his naked puts out of the money. Usually though that does not happen. This article is lengthy at over 5000 words but with this many rescue strategies available, one of them is bound to work.


  • Profiting From A Stock Decline – Confidence Is Key – YUM Stock

    • Jul 24, 2014
    • Another lengthy article at 13 pages but an informative one that lays out how to earn above average returns, confidence in the stock selected is key. That means looking at various events, both up, down and sideways for opportunities and using fundamentals and technical tools available to pinpoint when a trade should be entered and when to stay clear. This is a strategy discussion article that looks trades done in YUM Stock to show the tools I use that assist in guiding me with my trades, both entering and exiting.  It discusses the tools used and how they can assist in building confidence in investors to the point where they understand how to profit from a decline, how to determine when to consider entering trades, when to instead keep a stock on a watch list, how to build up trading volume and the basics behind what a stock chart is telling investors. All of this is learned from the actual trades done.


  • When Scheduling Profits Fails – Apple Stock Biweekly Put Selling Strategy

    • July 12, 2014
    • I profit from selling the weekly put options in Apple Stock. To assist I developed a strategy built around a schedule of percentages against the put premiums being offered. The strategy has been very successful but like all strategies there will come a time when it will fail. This article looks at how I handle a failing schedule profit strategy to keep the trade protected and as profitable as I can.


  • Profiting and Protecting Through Using Options – Rogers Stock

    • July 11, 2014
    • Many investors believe options are “too risky” when in fact it is stocks that are risky and options are there to assist in reducing and controlling the risk of stock ownership. This trade article explains how a trade can be designed completely around using options equally, to profit and protect a trade until it is concluded. This is not a long-term trade but instead is built around providing superior returns for a short period which can assist in boosting a portfolio.


  • Profiting From The Weekly Wanderer Strategy With Disney Stock

    • June 18, 2014
    • This article gives a nice layout of a trade using the weekly wanderer strategy. For those investors looking to profit from trading weekly options this article is worth a read as it assist in further understanding of how the weekly wanderer strategy profits and protects a portfolio.


  • More On The Put Selling Ladder with Coca Cola Stock

    • June 16, 2014
    • An excellent overview of using the powerful Put Selling ladder strategy on Coca Cola Stock. Includes adjusting positions.


  • Naked Puts or Credit Put Spreads with the Put Selling Ladder Strategy

    • June 15, 2014
    • This article looks at which method, naked puts or credit put spreads works better with the Put Selling Ladder strategy.


  • Walk That Profit Home To Momma with Royal Bank Of Canada Stock

    • May 22, 2014
    • The Walk That Profit Home To Momma strategy is a terrific method for boosting annual returns on big cap stocks. This strategy can be used over short or very long periods of time to profit from stocks especially during periods of weakness, downturns, bear markets and crisis.


  • The Put Selling Ladder Strategy Explained for Microsoft Stock

    • May 16, 2014
    • The Put Selling ladder is among the best of strategies. This article looks at how to establish a Put Selling ladder and uses Microsoft Stock to show how to set up the Put Selling ladder.


  • Understanding Put Premium Valuations – NLNK Stock

    • Apr 26, 2014
    • Often option premiums are baffling. One day a stock can hardly move but the option premiums can seem too high or too low and another day the stock can make a big move and yet the option premiums do not seem to reflect the change. That’s the question this investor has about NewLink Genetics Corp Stock which trades under the symbol NLNK.


  • Rescue Strategy On A Plunging Stock – Nike Stock

    • Mar 26, 2014
    • When a stock collapses many investors take losses to get out. But by having a goal in place before a stock collapses and knowing the strategies to use in the event of a collapse goes a long way to keeping a trade profitable despite a collapse. Here is how I handled a collapse in Nike Stock to stay profitable.


  • Understanding Rolling Out Put Options To Keep Earning Profits – Aflac Stock

    • Mar 18, 2014
    • Many investors panic when their option trades fail and what was once a profitable trade suddenly looks like a major loss in developing. Learning how to roll out options for more profits is a strategy that can keep an investor calm and profitable while continuing to protect their capital from risk of assignment or losses.


  • Selling Put Options With Support Levels Needs A Strong Strategy -Facebook Stock

    • Feb 14, 2014
    • This article studies how to sell put options against stocks when there is no real support levels. Stock studied is Facebook Stock.


  • Staying Profitable Thanks To History – Cisco Stock

    • Feb 13, 2014
    • When a stock plunges it often presents an opportunity for investors to make large profits but knowing whether to trade or walk away is often a matter of understanding the history of that stock.



  • More On The Put Selling Ladder on Microsoft Stock

    • Nov 22, 2013
    • This article delves deeper into the mechanics behind the Put Selling ladder as I look at how the Put Selling ladder is set up and then adjusted to accommodate moves in Microsoft Stock, both up and down.


  • Trading The Ranges with Target Stock

    • Nov 22, 2013
    • To understand how to earn top put premiums when selling puts means understand that almost all stocks trade within ranges with support levels usually controlling the trading range. Understanding how to define a trading range means being able to profit from jumping in feet first as soon as you spot a trade in that range. This results in large gains and controls an investor from losses both at selling puts at too high a valuation and knowing when to either close the trade for profits or roll the trade down in the event the stock begins to pull back.


  • Put Selling Ladder Explained on Microsoft Stock

    • Nov 6, 2013
    • Microsoft Stock has broken out of resistance and is heading higher. I have made a small fortune selling puts against this stock since it was in a trading range for years. There are though other strategies that can now be implemented including the Put Selling Ladder.


  • Rolling Down Naked Puts On Barrick Gold Stock

    • Nov 1, 2013
    • This article explains how to roll naked puts lower as Barrick Gold Stock falls lower in value and how to do this profitably.


  • Selling Puts During An Earning Miss on Aflac Stock

    • Oct 30, 2013
    • Many investors worry about selling puts during earnings season. This trade demonstrates how I can profit during earnings season even when the result is an earnings miss.


  • Profiting Big Through Put Selling Against Support Levels in Apple Stock

    • Oct 28, 2013
    • This article looks at how I profit handsomely through Put Selling by understanding support levels and how to sell puts against them.


  • Merck Stock Decline and How To Handle Put Selling for Profit and Income

    • Oct 28, 2013
    • This article looks at a pharmaceutical stock, Merck Stock (MRK) and how the decline in a stock can be handled as an opportunity by understanding how to establish key support levels in the decline and sell puts against those support levels.


  • Put Selling The Collapse of Yum Stock

    • Oct 24, 2013
    • When some stocks collapse big, the tendency among investors is to buy back naked puts for losses and flee the stock. This YUM Stock article shows why this is a mistake for many investors.


  • Learning From Past Mistakes – Lululemon Stock

    • Sep 9, 2013
    • When earnings are released sometimes put sellers get caught in a stock collapse and end up with deep in the money puts. Many option sellers panic and buy back their in the money options for big losses. Instead there are many strategies that investors can use to increase the likelihood of keeping the trade profitable and rework the position back into their advantage.


  • Understanding Rolling Naked Puts on Apple Stock

    • Sep 6, 2013
    • Many investors fail to take advantage of rolling naked puts down when a stock they are Put Selling against falls inn value. In fact many investors fail to roll down their naked puts properly and often enough. This article looks at the distinct advantages that rolling down naked puts provides for investors.


  • Knowing When To Stop Put Selling In The Money Puts On Clorox Stock

    • Feb 19, 2013
    • Clorox Stock has been on an incredible rise since January 2013. The past two weeks have seen daily new highs within Clorox Stock which normally indicates that the stock is a buy for further rises. This article looks at how to know when to stop selling in the money puts against a stock even though it appears to still be in an uptrend.



  • Put Selling Ladder Explained On Microsoft Stock

    • Nov 18, 2012
    • Microsoft Stock has provided annual double digit returns for more than a decade, yet the stock has gone nowhere. How can I earn such returns with a stock that has spent 10 years basically doing nothing. The Put Selling Ladder Strategy has been my choice for 10 years on Microsoft Stock. I adjust the ladder up or down depending on how Microsoft Stock trends.


  • In The Money Naked Puts On McDonalds Stock

    • Sept 18, 2012
    • McDonalds Stock holds enormous possibilities for more growth in the future. This article looks at constructing a strategy of selling in the money naked puts to benefit from any future rise in the stock.


  • Put Selling To Own Stocks With Other People’s Money

    • Sept 13, 2012
    • Visa Stock is a great example of an ongoing trade that is raising enough money to own shares in a company paid for completely with other people’s money. This has to be one of the ultimate goals of an investor. To set aside capital to invest in a company and then make all that capital back but still end up owning the underlying shares and having them paid for through the help of other people’s capital.


  • Selling Leap Options To Take Advantage Of A Stock’s Decline

    • Sept 15, 2012
    • This article studies some of the reasons why selling leaps puts options sometimes can be a great strategy. When a stock is declining and the dividend is secure, sometimes selling leaps puts is worth looking into.


  • Using Other People’s Money To Pay For My Trades and My Stock

    • Sept 13, 2012
    • This article looks at Visa Stock and how over a period of 3 and a half years I have earned enough profit from put selling Visa Stock that now the amount of my own capital at risk is less than half of the trades being done. In 2011 I had earned enought profit in Kraft Stock to pay for 500 shares with a cost basis of zero. This has to be the ultimate of an option seller, owning stock which was paid for by other investors.


  • Intel Stock Plunges – Here’s A Rolling Put Options Strategy For In The Money Puts

    • Sept 11, 2012
    • When Intel Stock plunged from $25.10 to $23.17 on earnings warnings, my once out of the money puts ended up in the money. I never panic though because I have some great rolling put option strategies that assist in allowing me to continue to build income and roll for credits while at the same time reducing the capital at risk of assignment at in the money put prices.


  • Key Aspects Of Put Selling Weekly Options On Intel Stock

    • August 31, 2012
    • Intel Stock is a strong contender for large profits when weekly put options are selected. This article explains the key aspects I consider when Put Selling weekly options against Intel Stock.


  • Understanding Rolling Put Options On Intel Stock

    • August 24, 2012
    • This article looks at Put Selling options on Intel Stock and the strategy an investor could consider for setting up a rolling put options for profit and income over a longer-term period.


  • Put Selling For Income In Apple Stock

    • August 17, 2012
    • Put Selling for income can include many different strategies that can be highly profitable if applied properly. This article looks at a specific case with Apple Stock to present ways for investors to profit from Put Selling for income.


  • Put Selling Versus Buy and Hold In VISA Stock

    • August 7, 2012
    • This article studies the merits of Put Selling versus a strategy of buying and holding a stock such as VISA Stock. All investors who engage in Put Selling will eventually need to decide whether Put Selling returns outweigh the returns and value of holding stock.


  • Rolling In The Money Put Options On Intel Stock

    • July 20, 2012
    • This article looks at the strategy behind rolling in the money put options using an Intel Stock trade as an example. It is interesting to consider the planning process that is used for rolling in the money put options prior to actually making the trade. When put selling, it is the planning that is key to consistent profit and income success.


  • Learning How To Take Advantage Of Stock Weakness To Profit With Put Selling – YUM Stock

    • June 29, 2012
    • In this article, YUM Stock is a perfect example of how investors can follow a handful of stocks and yet profit easily through understanding when opportunity should be taken for put selling more options.


  • Out Of The Money Put Selling On YUM Stock

    • June 28, 2012
    • This article discusses the risk of selling puts at the money and why sometimes it is better to sell put options out of the money at a safe distance and how to determine which out of the money option strikes are best to sell in order to avoid assignment of shares.


  • Combining Naked Calls With Put Selling On Intel Stock

    • June 26, 2012
    • This article looks at the strategy of adding naked calls to put selling when a stock is experiencing a downturn.


  • Put Selling Changes In A Correction With Intel Stock

    • June 22, 2012
    • This article looks at how a put selling strategy being used in an uptrend needs to be changed during a stock market correction in order to avoid assignment at too high a valuation level.


  • Put Selling Ladder In Use With Facebook Stock

    • June 9, 2012
    • This article presents a very simple naked put ladder and presents the reasons behind using it and the advantages it brings for investors.


  • Yum Stock And Put Selling Without Developing Ulcers

    • June 7, 2012
    • In this article I look at the advantages of put selling only big cap stocks and why I continue to stay with blue chip stocks versus small and intermediate size companies.


  • Put Selling Against Walgreens Stock

    • June 5, 2012
    • This article presents a study of using put selling techniques to benefit from a strong stock with a substantial dividend that is in a serious decline.


  • Microsoft Stock Weakness Gives Put Selling Opportunity

    • April 3, 2012
    • This article looks at scaling into a position within a stock such as Microsoft through put selling small contracts as the stock pulls back. There is a thin line between building a position in a strong stock and building a position in a falling stock. When a stock such as Microsoft pulls back should it be considered a pullback on the way to a higher valuation or could it be a pullback that will see the stock continue to fall. This is one of factors that put selling in small groups can help address.


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Disclaimer: There are risks involved in all investment strategies and investors can and do lose capital. Trade at your own risk. Stocks, options and investing are risky and can result in considerable losses. None of the strategies, stocks or information discussed and presented are financial or trading advice or recommendations. Everything presented and discussed are the author’s own trade ideas and opinions which the author may or may not enter into. The author assumes no liability for topics, ideas, errors, omissions, content and external links and trades done or not done. The author may or may not enter the trades mentioned. Some positions in mentioned stocks may already be held or are being adjusted.

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