Combination Strategy Aims For 30% Gain in Rogers Stock (RCI.B) – Aug 14 2014

Aug 14, 2014 | Rogers Stock (RCI.B), Trade Alerts and Ideas

Canadian stocks trade alert

Over the past several months Rogers Communications Stock which trades under the symbol RCI.B has been padding my Canadian Portfolio. Another trade today is working toward returning 30% for the year. Sometimes it is the simple trades that work better than the more complex.

In Canada we have many more restrictions on what we can and cannot trade in our retirement accounts. We can argue and fight all we want but until the government changes the rules we are stuck. To get around their short-sightedness investors need to develop other strategies that can be traded and aim at earning far better returns than the TSX itself can provide.

Rogers Stock – Combination Strategies Help Protect Capital At Risk

Through combining strategies it is possible to earn substantial gains and provide a degree of protection. The trades done this year using the combination strategy I have developed for Rogers Communications Stock are doing just that.

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Rogers Stock (RCI.B) Trade Strategy Update – Aug 14 2014

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