Handling repair or rescue strategies on trades that have failed is something I enjoy. There are a multitude of strategies that can be applied. Some are easy repairs and others can be more challenging. Some use more capital, others less capital, some use margin, others use all margin and still others use no margin at all.

The question today is from an investor who is caught with deep in the money naked puts on YUM Stock and trapped with a partial credit put spread on Aflac Stock. Both of these trades expire on August 16 or August 29. Yum Stock and Aflac Stock have taken a tumble recently which has left more than one investor wondering how to rescue his trade and stay profitable.

Let’s first review his questions and then look at some suggestions on how these trades can be rescued and the capital in use protected from losses and assignment of shares.  My changes to the questions are in brackets. Just to advise readers, this article is over 5000 words in length and will require 14 pages if printed.

Rescue Question On Aflac Stock and YUM Stock

Hello Teddi,
I have the following positions. What would you suggest as strategies, especially, for the positions. I would prefer not (to own) the stocks and hope to roll-out at the same strike and for reasonable credit.

I am aware this (roll-out strategy) will earn less, perhaps significantly less than the 1% per month. But, if in your opinion, some other strategy is preferred, please let me know.

I am willing to use margin and/or cash.  My preference is not to add too much more capital.  Adding several more contracts each to YUM and/or AFL would be OK.  If you feel there is strong reason to do more let me know  These are both very large positions for me.  I’m usually 3-5 contracts per position.  I had put in good till cancelled orders and with the market drop these filled.   One thought I had is to work these positions down to 5 contracts or so over the next several months.

Thanks:  John

Positions Held

Aflac Stock: – Partial Credit Put Spreads

August 16 2014 Expiry – $57.50 put strike – 5 contracts long

August 16 2014 Expiry – $62.50 put strike – 12 contracts short

Yum Stock: – Naked Puts

August 16 Options Expiry:

YUM 08/16/2014 70.00:  4 naked put contracts
YUM 08/16/2014 72.50:  3 naked put contracts
YUM 08/16/2014 75.00:  5 naked put contracts

August 29 Options Expiry:

YUM 08/29/2014 75.00:  5 naked put contracts
YUM 08/29/2014 77.50:  3 naked put contracts


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5 Rescue Strategies For Aflac and YUM Stocks In The Money Naked Puts

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