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USA Stock Portfolio for 2015

USA Stock Portfolio For 2015

During 2015 I changed to an online spreadsheet which failed to work properly. Often spreadsheets failed to load properly making the experience less than satisfactory. It was unfortunate as I sought a way to reduce the time spent maintaining the …
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USA Stock Portfolio for 2014

USA Stock Portfolio 2014 Index

2014 continued to grow my portfolio. This year my portfolio grow 52.9% which is the second time the portfolio hit a 50% plus return since the bear market crash during the credit crisis. The returns have been simply outstanding. Part …
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USA Stock Portfolio for 2013

USA Stock Portfolio 2013 Index

2013 built on advancement in stocks from 2012. My portfolio ended this year with a staggering 58.9% return. With the market rallying higher throughout the year despite a few pullbacks along the way, 2013 saw Put Selling and the Bollinger …
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USA Stock Portfolio for 2012

USA Stock Portfolio 2012 Index

2012 saw stocks advance stronger than the prior year. With stocks moving ahead and the economic recovery showing signs of weak progress, unemployment dropped and by the year-end my portfolio returned 41.7%, one of the best years in quite some …
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USA Stock Portfolio for 2011

USA Stock Portfolio 2011 Index

2011 was the second year of the recovery from the great bear market of 2007 to 2009. There were many analysts who called for a retrenchment of stocks in 2011. These analysts saw the recovery as failing but they forgot …
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USA Stock Portfolio for 2010

USA Stock Portfolio 2010 Index

2010 marked the first full year since the collapse of stocks in 2008 to 2009. The recovery though seemed shaky at times. However once the US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced more quantative easing in late Spring 2010, stocks …
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USA Stock Portfolios for 2009

USA Stock Portfolio 2009 Bear Market Stock Trades

These are trades I did following the March 2009 final collapse of the Bear Market. Most of 2009 was spent trading into stocks that had collapsed following the ferocious bear market that started in 2007. A stock market decline like …
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