When you subscribe to my Investing daily emails through FullyInformed.com and fail to receive them it is almost always because the email is being caught as SPAM by your email client. AT&T and all  its subsidiaries are notorious for stopping email as spam since when I send out email news, it contains links to articles.

Unfortunately if I cannot send to your email account, I have to remove you from my daily email updates. One way that often works is opening a new email account with gmail.com, outlook.com, or yahoo.com and then register that email with me for your daily email updates. Then set up a forward in your gmail.com, outlook.com, or yahoo.com email to have it forwarded to your regular email account. Make sure that the my emails which are sent from “FullyInformed at justsecuremail.com” are set up on your safe list or white list. Then do the same with your new gmail.com, outlook.com, or yahoo.com email in your own mail client. Then you are all set and email from my daily email updates will always reach you.

Here is a typical way to whitelist my emails. This is how to whitelist my emails in Yahoo.com

Put This Email In Your Address or Contacts List

email used for fullyinformed.com


How To WhiteList My Email In Yahoo

In Yahoo make sure you check your spam filter to see if my Put Selling and investing daily email updates are caught in there. If they are move them to your inbox.yahoo1

Add my email address to your contacts list which will whitelist them for Yahoo and they should not end up in your spam folder but instead be delivered to your inbox. To do this select the CONTACTS tab. The select ADD A NEW CONTACT


Then add the details you see below. First name is Teddi and last name is Knight. The the Nickname is FullyInformed and the email address is as shown. Last make sure to save the contact (Step 5)


That’s it!. That will place my email address on your white list. The same steps can be done in almost all mailing clients from Hotmail to AOL. If you are still having trouble with Yahoo email here are some other steps that Yahoo recommends:

(This is from yahoo and I cannot verify all the information they have provided)

Not receiving emails in your Yahoo.com account

If an email you’re expecting isn’t arriving in your inbox, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s what to check in Yahoo Mail

Not Receiving Emails In Your AT&T Account, BellSouth account and others.

Contact your provider and advise him that emails from “FullyInformed at justsecuremail.com” are not spam. They will give you a link to fill out a form. It normally takes them a few days to fix the account, but it will probably happen again at some point.