Coca Cola Stock (KO) Trade Strategy Alert – Put Selling Ladder – June 16 2014

In my article yesterday on Coca Cola Stock I discussed using the Put Selling ladder strategy with either naked puts using margin or credit put spreads. This strategy is now being tested to find out which method works best with the Put Selling ladder and which provides the better income, is easier to adjust and which method provides superior protection of capital. This is an ongoing study which will be updated for several months to possible a year.

This article is an ongoing discussion and review of two different strategies being applied to the same low volatile stock. Yesterday I detailed out a full outline discussing using either naked puts with margin or put credit spreads with the Put Selling ladder strategy against a low volatile stock such as Coca Cola. Today I have set up both of these trades in my paper trading account to assist investors interested in following the trades to see which is the more profitable and has the best level of safety. If you missed the outline of the strategy you can review it here. 

Coca Cola Stock- Naked Puts With Margin or Credit Put Spreads

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