Earlier this week I discussed an excellent Put Selling strategy I call the Put Selling ladder. The strategy provides very good returns but strong levels of protection for capital that is invested.

It is also an exceptional strategy for stocks that are rising and have limited support or for stocks in a raging bull market such as we are currently experiencing.

This second article discusses in-depth more about the Put Selling ladder. It looks at the concept behind it and how I have structured the ladder for Microsoft Stock. I explain a wide variety of key components and aspects that investors should understand to implement the Put Selling ladder properly.

The Put Selling ladder is designed for profits but is focused on protecting capital which makes it highly effective against a rising stock. Once the plan is put in place it becomes a matter of adjusting the ladder and working up and down the ladder to accommodate movements in the stock to provide a better level of protection than naked puts can provide on their own.

In-depth Study of the Put Selling Ladder

This in-depth study of the Put Selling ladder strategy is 2100 words in length and will require 6 pages when printed. This FullyInformed Members Strategy discussion article can be directly accessed through this link or Members can login here. Non-members can join here or review the benefits of a paid membership.

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