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Quick Comments On Earnings and Trade Ideas After The Close – Apr 27 2017

Quick Comments On Stock Markets
Earnings coming out after hours today, present us with a mixed picture and some opportunities to quickly mention. These comments and trade ideas are on a number of stocks that reported after hours on Thu Apr 27 2017. The rest of ...
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Fourth Trade Ahead Of Earnings Alert For Apr 27 2017

Trade Alert Ahead of Earnings
This company has done a rather poor job of letting investors know how varied their product line actually is. As a result their stock has suffered with low valuations. Here is the fourth set of trades done using the Trade Ahead ...
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Third Trade Ahead Of Earnings Alert For Apr 27 2017

Trade Alert Ahead of Earnings
Analysts have high expectations for a blow-out quarter for this stock. If the stock fails to meet estimates, watch for the entire market to open lower on Friday. Here is the third set of trade done using the Trade Ahead Of ...
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Second Trade Ahead Of Earnings Alert For Apr 27 2017

Trade Alert Ahead of Earnings
I am expecting a big move in the stock chosen for this second trade. Analysts are also anticipated much stronger earnings for this quarterly earnings report. Here is the second set of trade done using the Trade Ahead Of Earnings Strategy ...
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Trade Ahead Of Earnings Alert For Apr 27 2017

Trade Alert Ahead of Earnings
Today is a big day for the market for the number of companies reporting earnings both before the markets opened and after they close. I listed a lot of trades earlier today before the market opened. Here is the first set ...
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American Airlines Stock (AAL) Trade Ahead Of Earnings Strategy Returns 87% -Here’s How – Apr 27 2017

American Airlines Stock (AAL)
Despite what many analysts and financial planners would have investors believe, trading through the use of strategy that focus on protecting capital first and then making a profit second, can build a portfolio quickly and with safeguards in place. The idea ...
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Profiting From The Plunge Of Canadian Bank Stocks – Apr 27 2017

Trade Alerts and Ideas
TSX Composite Index Trade Ideas
Just when I thought the banks were starting to bottom, all the issues with Home Capital Group and talk about Canada's housing market, especially in Toronto being overheated has sent bank stocks lower. Yesterday bank stocks fell as investors began to ...
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TSX Composite Index – Market Breadth Outlook For Apr 27 2017

TSX Composite Index Market Breadth Outlook
It was not a good day for the TSX Composite Index or Canadian stocks on Wednesday. With the White House discussing pulling out of NAFTA and the softwood lumber duties worrying investors, they sold the TSX index lower on Wednesday. Even ...
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Trade Ahead Of Earnings Outlines For Apr 27 2017

Trade Alert Ahead of Earnings
Thursday is a huge day for the market after the close. In essence then it is a huge day on Thursday as investors prepare for earnings from some of the giants of the stock market and a huge day on Friday ...
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Market Breadth Indicator – Advance Decline Numbers Outlook For Apr 27 2017

Market Breadth Indicator
Market Breadth Indicator outlook
Closing Comments Wed Apr 26 2017   Stocks markets were pushing higher on Friday when President Trump’s tax plan rattled the markets. Investors decided that it was time to take profits after the outline of the tax reform was made public ...
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Seventh Trade Ahead Of Earnings Alert For Apr 26 2017

Trade Alert Ahead of Earnings
This seventh trade might end up being one of the more profitable ones from today. This is the seventh set of postings for trades done today. Trade Ahead Of Earnings Outline The rest of this trade alert and ideas article is ...
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Covered Calls: More Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Trades Outline For Apr 26 2017

Covered Calls - Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Trade
This has definitely been a great day for trades. One of the more interesting covered calls trade came today in what has to be an exceptional opportunity in this stock. Whether I am exercised out of this trade at the close ...
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BB&T Stock Trades Ends With 24% Return

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