VISA Stock is one of the oldest trades in my online portfolio. I started VISA Stock trades with the IPO in 2007. I have retained my long-term shares which have more than tripled in value and with the 4 to 1 split in March of this year I now have a lot more shares to be selling covered calls against.

However today’s trade focuses more on what the stock has been doing lately.

VISA Stock 3 Year Chart

The stock has been in an uptrend for a long time. Pretty well since the market crash of 2009 the stock has moved higher with the odd pullback here and there. However the recent decline on August 24 in the market collapse sent the stock into a tailspin which crashed to $60.00 and broke the uptrend. How much of an impact this break will have it difficult at present to judge but investors were nervous enough to dump 21 million shares on August 24 which was the highest volume the stock had seen since March 18 and Feb 4 of this year and October 30 of 2014.

VISA Stock Three-Year Chart

VISA Stock Three-Year Chart

VISA Stock Sold

I failed to grab shares on August 24 and instead picked up shares on August 25 but for far more than they were trading for on August 24. I therefore decided today to sell the stocks I just bought and want to focus on another couple of trades I believe are quite worthwhile as I create some profits from investor nervousness.

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VISA Stock (V) Trade Alert – Profits From Nervousness – Aug 28 2015

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