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People work hard, save and then turn to a financial planner, broker or other “experts” and hand over their life savings, hoping they can turn it into a retirement nest egg. In early 1970’s I was just starting out and I took the same approach and found how dismal returns can be. I decided it was better to learn how to manage, invest and grow my savings. I decided to become fully informed.

That was back in 1973 and today I have continued to invest in some of the best companies in the world. Some stocks I have picked, such as Coca Cola stock, or Royal Bank stock I have traded for more than 30 years. Over that time period I have sold covered calls and naked puts to slowly reduce my cost basis in the stock to the point of zero.

I thought it would be interesting to start this website to share my strategies, explain my methods of investing and outline trades which allows investors to watch from entering to existing positions.

My style may be different from others. I believe in following strong, large cap companies and working with options and stocks on those companies.

I also take my capital and divide it into 3 segments. 30% in cash or like instruments, 30% in laddered bonds and 40% in stocks. This article discusses my bond portion of my portfolio.

I’ve laid out this website to document my strategies. Remember Trade At Your Own Risk. These are examples of my strategy only, and are not financial advice or investing recommendations What you read is edutainment only. I am an investor and have no financial accreditations. I strongly urge every investor to paper trade to learn how to handle your portfolio, decide on strategies and stocks that suit your level of comfort and risk,  before committing actual capital. Read my full terms of use.

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