This is the third part in a series of 4 on generating income while handling in the money naked puts. This stock focuses on BBT Corp Stock which trades under the symbol BBT.

With options expiry one day away an investor, Rob, has emailed wondering what would be the best choice to make to keep him profitably earning more option premiums on a number of naked put positions that are in the money. The problem this investor has is if he were assigned on all these naked put positions that are in the money, he would use up all his available capital. While covered calls could help sometimes when in the money naked puts are too deep, generating income is more difficult because the stock is assigned at too high a price.

A Balancing Act

What this investor faces is the problem of balancing the risk of in the money naked puts being assigned against the risk of further stock declines against continuing to generate more income. It can be perplexing and indeed frustrating to watch your capital get drawn down by stock ownership and watch the amount of income being generated decline rapidly. But there are strategies that can be used that will assist in continuing to generate income and assist at managing the risk of stock ownership as well as a further decline in the underlying stock.

Let’s review Rob’s questions and then look at some specific strategies. Changes to his question which I have made are in brackets.

Questions On Keeping Option Premium “Rolling In”

I would like to keep getting option premiums. If these (naked put positions) were PUT (assigned) to me it would take most of my Capital.  I would sell any stock once I get a few dollars profit.   Here are my positions:

August 16 2014 expiry:

Aflac Stock: 4 naked put contracts at $62.50 put strike

Coca Cola Stock: 7 naked put contracts at $41 put strikes

BBT Stock: 7 naked put contracts at $38 put strike

August 29 2014 expiry:

YUM Stock: 3 naked put contracts at $72.50 put strike

Thanks for your input Teddi


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Generating Income While Handling In The Money Naked Puts Part 3 – BBT Stock

Part 3 of this strategy article takes the lessons learned from Part 1 and applies them to the trade in BBT Stock. By reviewing the BBT Stock discussion investors can begin to see just how easy it sometimes is to make decisions on how to keep income flowing in while still successfully managing the risk of having in the money naked puts. The BBT Stock article focuses on a higher degree of protection.

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