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Do you have a question, are seeking a second opinion, need mentoring or want to discuss a strategy or two? Maybe you just want to say Hi. Please fill out this form and I will contact you. Most of the fields are not required, but I enjoy knowing where you are from. It’s your choice how much you want to share with me.

Your Questions And My Answers Are Posted

I reserve the right to post my answer and your question without your name, address or email address to my website for others to view. Often this helps investors who have related or similar questions. Questions about strategies and trades are always posted and usually they are posted to either the USA or Canada Members site.

Mentoring For Stocks and Options

I have provided mentoring tips and suggestions for many investors. Much of the members section contains mentoring articles with a membership.  If you have mentoring needs that requires more time I will advise you and quote a cost to mentor.

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Looking For A Second Opinion About A Specific Stock, Option or Trade?

I receive requests every day from readers seeking trading suggestions and a second opinion on various stocks or trades they are holding. Depending on your question and how much time is involved I may ask for a tip of my tipjar for the the time I spend. Some questions take only a few minutes to respond and no tip is needed. Other questions can take several hours to research, study and post a reply. I believe everyone has value and self worth and a small tip is a way to say thank you. You can also join the USA or Canada Membership sites and normally the membership covers most questions. I will contact you via email and advise you whether I can offer informative trade suggestions on your question and then advise how much of a tip I will need. Tips range from $10 to no more than $75. You can then decide whether you wish to proceed through the tipjar. Remember that I accept no responsibility for the outcome of your trade and my trade suggestions.

Regular Questions You May Have

If you have a regular question that is not about a specific stock, option or trade you are engaged in I would be happy to try to help. As well if you have a question about one of my trades, I consider that a regular question. Normally these are questions that take just a few minutes to reply and I don’t require any trip to the tipjar. I also have a frequently asked questions page which might answer your question before submitting it to me.

Your Privacy

Your email address, and contact details are never shared or sold. If I think your question is of general interest and might assist other investors, I may post your question without your name or contact details and my answer to my site for others to read. In other words I do not use your name or email address. I send you an email to let you know I have answered your email and posted it on my site. Read the privacy policy.