Intel Stock Symbol – INTC

Intel stock represents the largest semiconductor corporation in the world. Intel stock symbol is INTC and it trades on the NASDAQ. Intel Corporation’s earnings are above the industry average and continue to grow. With a book value in 2012 of $9.18, the stock as of June 26 2012 is trading at just 11 times Price To Earnings. With a profit margin of 23.16% which is above the industry standard of 16.72% customers world-wide will pay more for the quality that Intel’s name represents. In 2010 Intel Stock saw earnings surpass the 40 billion mark and in 2011 the company shocked investors with earnings growth of over 50 billion dollars. In 2007 Intel Stock earned .45 cents annual dividend. 5 years later Intel Stock is paying .84 cents annually in dividends, a growth of 86% in 5 years.

Intel Stock

The Intel logo is one of the most recognized symbols in the world today. Customers trust the Intel name for both its quality and its innovation. Customers pay high percentages for Intel’s products and continue to flock to Intel for its leading edge scientific endeavors. The results have created a corporation with a market cap of $131.1 billion dollars and a revenue stream of 54 billion dollars annually.

This is a listing of all the Intel Stock articles I have written describing my trades and the strategies being employed both put selling, selling naked calls, covered calls and buying and selling Intel Stock.

Intel Stock Corporate Statistics

Revenue -55.3 billion
Earnings – 11.4 billion
Dividend –  .98 cents
Payout Ratio – 38.1X
Book Value – $12.00
Profit Margin – 20.6%

Revenue – 55.8 billion
Earnings – 11.7 billion
Dividend –  .91.5 cents
Payout Ratio – 36.5X
Book Value – $11.80
Profit Margin – 20.5%

Revenue – 52.7 billion
Earnings – 9.6 billion
Dividend –  .90 cents
Payout Ratio – 35.5X
Book Value – $10.85
Profit Margin – 20.1%

Revenue – 53.3 billion
Earnings – 11.0 billion
Dividend –  .87 cents
Payout Ratio – 34.1X
Book Value – $10.360
Profit Margin – 19.45%

Revenue – 54 billion
Earnings – 12.9 billion
Dividend –  .78 cents
Payout Ratio – 33.9X
Book Value – $9.00
Profit Margin – 22.35%

Revenue – 43.6 billion
Earnings – 11.7 billion
Dividend –  .63 cents
Payout Ratio – 34.4X
Book Value – $8.40
Profit Margin – 20.77%


Intel Stock Profit and Income Articles

(Articles are organized with the most recent articles on top. To read, select the article title)

Selling Options For Income In The Upgrade To Intel Stock

July 8 2016: When a stock is upgraded it can provide a unique opportunity to earn additional income through selling options. At the same time, many upgrades end up with a one day pop and then a decline. To profit from these events, investors need to understand how to approach upgrades and downgrades when trading within a stock. Intel stock is the example used.

Understanding Selling Options For Income In Downturns

April 29 2016: When a stock such as Intel stock plunges, investors need tools to work with that can assist them in deciding whether the decline is an opportunity, or a trap. Declines in stocks can provide superior gains when selling options for income. They can also end up leaving an investor with large losses.

Beat The Bear – Learn To Take Profits

Feb 28 2016:  Since August 2015 volatility has been unrelenting. 71% of all trading days have seen high volatility. Many investors are placing trades that start out profitably but then end up with losses due to the market gyrations up and down. This article discusses a spreadsheet I developed years ago that can assist investors in knowing when to close their trades. The spreadsheet is available for members through a link in the article.

Profiting From The Watch List

Jan 15 2016: I added this short article to bring to the attention of investors the value of keeping a watch list of stocks.

5 Keys To Reading Exit Singles For The Bollinger Bands Strategy Trade In Intel Stock

Nov 20 2015: This strategy article is 3100 words and will require 12 pages if printed. This article explains 5 tips an investor can use on any stock not just Intel stock, to know when to close a Bollinger Bands Strategy Trade and lock in profits. This article discusses the strategies developed and perfected since I began using the Bollinger Bands Strategy Trade in 1990.

How To Rescue In The Money Naked Put Trade With Leap Options

Sep 8 2015: This strategy article review an investor question on how to repair his deep in the money naked put position through using leap options. This strategy article is 1700 words in length and will require 5 pages if printed.

Dealing With A Market Collapse And Rebound When Selling Stock Options

Aug 28 2015: When I sell put options I know the risk of a market pullback is always a possibility. A market correction is not as common but any kind of catalyst can send stocks lower than anticipated. But when I sell options I always have a plan in place to deal with a downturn so that I know in advance what my response would be. For many investors a market collapse is difficult to “stomach” and many investors react to cover positions and take large losses only to encounter a strong rebound which meant there was no need to cover and take losses. These are difficult events to deal with. This strategy article focuses on assisting investors in dealing with such events. It is 3100 words in length and will require 9 pages if printed.

Understanding The Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Trade With Intel Stock

Aug 6 2015: One of the more unique strategies for covered calls is the Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy trade. This article looks at a trade done in Intel stock that an investor did which failed. The article looks at the reasons for the failure of trade and steps to take to insure future trades are profitable and do not fail.

4 Rescue Strategies For Underwater Position In Intel Stock

July 24 2015: When a stock declines rapidly, often investors who have sold options, end up with positions that are deep in the money or “underwater” and are at risk of loss or assignment of shares in a stock at prices above where the stock is presently trading. This article looks at a decline in Intel stock that left an investor holding unwanted in the money naked put positions.  In this article I look at 4 rescue and repair strategies an investor could apply to turn a possible loss on his in the money naked put positions, into a profit. This article is 3100 words in length and will require 9 pages if printed.

Profiting From The Color Code System In Intel Stock

June 30 2015: A shorter article that explains the use of the color code system and how it lead to easy profits using a trade in Intel stock for the example.  A full outline of the color code system can be found through this link.

8 Tips For Selling Puts In A Volatile Market

June 18 2015: Selling put options for income or to eventually own stocks is a strategy of small gains. The goal is to either earn income or keep reducing eventual stock ownership through selling a put option for a small gain. Many options trade for just 25 cents while others can be above $1.00, but in general a 1% return each month is a reasonable goal to aim for. When markets become more volatile however, many investors pullback from selling many put options for fear of being assigned shares or worse, having to buy back short put contracts for far more than they earned when it was originally sold. This article presernts 8 tips to assist investors in continuing to earn superior returns while protection capital from losses during periods of higher than usual volatility in the stock market. This strategy article is 1700 words in length and requires 7 pages if printed.

Profiting From The Heatmap – Become A Better Investor

May 11 2015: Intel stock is mentioned in this article but the focus is how a heatmap can be of significant value for investors. This strategy article is 2200 words and will require 7 pages if printed. It looks at how I use a heatmap to jump into trades for quick profits while at the same time remaining focused on protection of capital, particularly in large drops in the overall market.

Pumping Profits From The Lows With Intel Stock

May 5 2015: This is a short article looking at a trade done on May 5 which discussed understanding support levels in a stock, using this Intel Stock trade as the example.

9 Tips To Tame A Whiplash Market

April 20 2015:  On Friday April 17 2015 the markets plunged and on Monday April 20 2015 markets rallied harder than 50%. Normally when a market plunges and there is more downside ahead, a rally back is about 50%. Instead the rally on Monday April 20 2015 was almost an 80% recovery by 11:00 AM. How does an investor both profit and protect his portfolio and trades in such a roller coaster market. This article provides 9 strategic tips that explain how to step back from the roller coaster ride and setup trades to protect the capital being used from losses while earning above average profits from the roller coaster market. Now instead of fearing the roller coaster ride, an investor can sit back and enjoy the thrill of the ride itself.  This article is 1700 words and requires 7 pages if printed.

Stink Bid Trades in Intel Stock

Feb 11 2015: This article looks at what stink bids are, how to use them and why they often provide above average returns for investors.  This article focuses on a trade done Feb 11 2015.

The Color Code System Of Trading Stocks

Feb 2 2015: This article is 2300 words in length and requires 9 pages if printed. The color coded chart system of trading stocks can be used against many big cap dividend paying stocks. It makes it easy to know when to jump in on a dip and when to avoid Put Selling. This article explains how the color code system works and how to apply it to a stock for superior profits.

Timing Rolling Down Naked Puts Positions In Intel Stock

Jan 15 2015: This short article looks at the question of how to time rolling down naked put positions from a specific trade in Intel stock which was set to expire Feb 20 2015.

Intel Stock Versus Qualcomm Stock – Understanding Value

Nov 6 2014: Another lengthy article of 3000 words that will require 12 pages if printed. On the surface many stocks seem like great trades and yet when we delve a bit deeper we suddenly see why one trade is definitely better than another. This article compares trades in Intel Stock versus Qualcomm stock to show a clearer understanding of how to determine value and what makes up value in a great stock. Here’s how to tell the difference.

Intel Stock – Steps To Building And Protecting A Portfolio

Aug 25 2014: This is a lengthy Intel Stock article of 5100 words which requires 16 pages if printed. An investor writes in that he had made $10,000 profit in a trade only to lose it all in a correction in Intel stock. Here are some tips on how to handle a stock pullback and how to building and protect a portfolio from losses.

Trading Profitably During A Pullback In Intel Stock

Aug 5 2014: When a stock rises too far after a stellar quarter, a pullback often occurs. Many investors flee when they see selling pick up. Instead profits are easier to earn from stocks like Intel, when they pullback following a run higher.

Stellar Second Quarter Earnings Creates Profitable Trade Ideas

July 15 2014: When a company such as Intel beats analysts estimates it can open many different trading opportunities. Looking past the numbers for the quarter are important for trading within a stock for more than a week. Here is how stellar returns can affect trades and allow an investor to plan for more than one or two trades, but instead enjoy profits for months rather than weeks.

Intel Stock – Selling Options For Income – Not Just Pennies But Wealth

Apr 26 2014: A question from an investor goes to the heart of the strategy of selling options for income in a stock like Intel. This investor questions the risk being taken to earn what he saw as pennies rather than risking capital to chase stocks. This article looks at why it is not just pennies that are being earned when selling options for income. Instead it is about growing and building long-term wealth.

Using Margin With Intel Stock to Grow A Small Portfolio Quickly

Mar 14 2014: When first starting to invest many investors worry about margin being overused or underused particularly when trying to grow a small portfolio into a larger one. They also worry about not being diversified enough or having too few or too many stocks or holding too many in the same sectors. This article looks at the questions posed by using margin and leverage while trying to grow a small portfolio as quickly as possible.

Using The Weekly Options To Meet The 12% Annual Goal

Jan 12 2014: This is a four part article that looks at different strategies to meet the annual return goal of 12%. This is the fourth part of the series and looks at Intel Stock (among others) and how weekly options can be used to assist in reaching the 12% annual goal as well as protecting the capital being used from losses. The focus of Part 4 is on using weekly options.

Handling A Stock Collapse That Leaves Naked Puts In The Money

Nov 16 2013: When many investors sell put options against stocks, they continually tell themselves that they would own the stock if it fell below their put strike. But when the stock does fall and leaves the puts they sold in the money they panic. We all know that sinking feeling. As the stock falls further they cannot sleep and they begin to look upon the trade as a disaster. Suddenly they decide they no longer want to own the stock. Most will buy back their in the money put options and take losses. Here is a better way to rescue in the money naked puts.

Profiting From An Upgrade In Intel Stock

Sept 13 2013: When a stock gets an upgrade or downgrade, there are a number of methods to profit from a change in the outlook from an analyst. These types of analytical opinions from brokerages can move a stock. These are often profit-making opportunities. Here is how I profit from upgrades or downgrades in Intel Stock.

Why Put Selling Remains Profitable On Intel Stock

June 17 2013: This lengthy strategy article looks at the warnings signs from 2012 that I missed that advised that Intel Stock was about to collapse. I then discuss the advantages of Put Selling large cap dividend paying stocks and the reasons why even with a steep decline of over 30% I was able to keep my in the money naked put strategy profitable and avoid assignment of shares.

Deep In The Money Options Rescue Strategy

May 14 2013: This strategy article looks at a rescue strategy for investors who have sold options on a stock and found their sold options ending up deep in the money. These strategies can be applied to naked puts or naked calls.

Adjusting In The Money Naked Puts When A Stock Rises

May 12 2013: When a stock such as Intel Stock has been flat for some time, I enjoy the profits that come from rolling naked puts forward. However when the stock commences to rise, it is important to put in place a strategy that will assist in the money naked puts from being assigned as the stock rises to meet the in the money naked puts.

Selling Naked Calls On Intel Stock

Apr 27 2013: Many investors and financial planners believe that selling naked calls is “too risky”, but selling options, calls or puts have equal risk. Instead I sell both sides of Intel Stock through specific strategies that provide enormous profits as well as protection against “risk”.

Put Selling Into Earnings

Apr 15 2013: A lot of investors shy away from Put Selling or selling options of any kind in the week or two leading up to earnings. I have a completely different approach and I enjoy selling puts into the earnings announcements.

Put Selling When A Stock Is Rising Out of Its Trading Range

Mar 26 2013: The best thing about stocks like Intel Stock is that they often spend months trading within a specific and easy to spot range. This makes Put Selling easy and highly profitable. But eventually that trend ends when the stock rises to another trading range. This makes Put Selling difficult until a new trading range is firmly entrenched. This article studies Put Selling as Intel Stock rises and sets a new trading range.

Rolling Naked Puts On The Same Day For Bigger Profits

Dec 21 2012: When I roll naked puts forward I never do them at the same time but normally time the roll out both the buy to close and the sell to open. The profits are better when done this way. This article explains the strategy I use for rolling my naked puts out.

Never Worrying About A Declining Stock

Dec 9 2012: This latest decline in Intel Stock shows why I never worry about any of the stocks I trade against, declining.

Analysts Rate Intel Stock A Buy

Dec 4 2012: Despite what we like to think as investors, it really does matter when a brokerage issues a buy or sell recommendation against a stock.

Intel Stock and Trading with the Bollinger Bands

Dec 3 2012: As the post title indicates, this article studies trading in a stock like Intel Stock through use to the Bollinger Bands.

Reducing Capital At Risk To Avoid Losses

Dec 1 2013: When a stock declines and leave an investor holding losses through the selling of put options, there are other strategies that can be used to reduce the risk of capital loss while at the same time setting up the investor to profit from these same protective strategies.

Daily Technical Analysis of a Stock

Nov 16 2012: This article looks at the establishing of a strategy whereby the investor each night studies a stock for daily technical analysis and then makes investing decisions based on the technical analysis readings.

Trade Alert for Intel Stock

Oct 24 2012: A trade alert for Intel Stock shows what is possible to achieve through careful Put Selling against a stock.

Profit Ahead for Intel Stock

Oct 23 2012: This article on Intel Stock looks at the technical tools that can be used to study a stock and determine profit levels that might be reached through selling options.

Trade Alert On Intel Stock

Oct 17 2012: This article looks at a trade alert on Intel Stock and explains the ramifications of the trade done.

Closing Naked Puts Early

Oct 16 2012: This trade looks at the closing of naked put options before options expiry.

Understanding Rolling In The Money Naked Puts

Oct 9 2012: The recent decline in Intel Stock has left a lot of my naked put positions in the money. Some are deep in the money. This article discusses rolling strategies for in the money naked puts.

Intel Stock And Having A Plan For Puts Caught In The Money

Oct 1 2012: When Put Selling against a declining stock it is important to have in place a strategy for handling puts that have been sold and end up caught in the money as the stock continues to decline. It is important to be able to continue to earn a profit and add to your income while still dealing with in the money sold puts.

Rolling In The Money Put Options

Sep 23 2012: This article looks at the steps taken and decision making process of rolling in the money put options.

Intel Stock and Put Selling Leaps Options

Sep 15 2012: When Put Selling Leaps Options an investor is establishing a very different kind of trade. This article looks at the role selling puts Leaps Options can accomplish for investors, both good and bad.

Pivotal Day For Intel Stock

Sep 13 2012: Every stock has pivotal days. This article looks at how to use the volume technical indicator to determine if a stock has bottomed in order to engage in Put Selling or day trading without fear of the stock plunging lower.

Continuing Put Selling Using Stock Technical Analysis

Sep 12 2012: With the plunge in Intel Stock I turned to stock technical analysis to look for signs of a bottom, even if short-term in order to continue Put Selling. This article looks at using volume, the ultimate oscillator, slow stochastic and fast stochastic technical indicators to look for an end to selling in a falling stock.

Rolling In The Money Put Options With Intel Stock

Sep 11 2012: A couple of days into a collapse of Intel Stock and my once out of the money naked puts on Intel Stock are now in the money. Here is a favorite strategy I use for rolling in the money naked puts. The strategy offers protection for my capital, frees up capital from higher values, continues to allow me to sell more puts at lower strikes without additional capital infusions and lowers my overall cost-basis in Intel Stock should I be assigned as the stock plunges.

Intel Stock Tanks Providing Day Trade Opportunity

Sept 7 2012: This article discusses the value of planning in advance on any stock so an investor knows where support lies in a stock. By knowing support levels an investor can take advantage of plunges and drops in order to do a little day trading for quick profits.

Warren Buffett Sells His Stake in Intel Stock – Should I Worry?

August 26 2012: Warren Buffett has sold his entire holding in Intel Stock. With Intel Stock being one of my larger trades, and my holding in the money puts on Intel Stock, should I worry?

Put Selling Questions On Intel Stock

August 25 2012: My recent Put Selling trades on Intel Stock has brought up a lot of questions from investors including why sell in the money puts.

Understanding Rolling Options

August 24 2012: Rolling put options requires planning and a strategy that will provide profit with each roll. When I have capital tied to a stock position that is caught in the money, I almost always aim for a profit when I roll my put options. This article looks at my recent Intel Stock Put Selling trades and my planning for rolling options prior to actually executing the roll.

Setting Up Goals

August 21 2012: In order to be successful in investing an investor needs to set up goals in advance of executing trades. This article looks at my establishing goals for Intel Stock going into the fall of 2012 prior to commencing put selling.

4 Steps For Options Trading

July 22 2012: Here are the 4 Steps every investor can learn and use to successfully and consistently sell options in a stock like Intel Stock.

Rolling Options At The Money

July 20 2012: With options expiry today, my Intel Stock $26 naked puts have to be rolled out. Rolling Options can be a significant profit generating strategy if done right. But it is important to understand why you are rolling options in advance of putting through the trade. A situation that could be profitable in Intel Stock can suddenly end up with large losses if not done properly.

Having A Plan When Investing Is Key For Every Stock Not Just Intel Stock

July 10 2012: AMD collapsed over 11 percent today on its earnings release and AMAT was down 2.5% just in sympathy. The ability of an investor to withstand sudden reversals in their stocks is much easier when they have a plan in advance of placing their trades.

Are You Prepared For A Steep Correction In Intel Stock

July 6 2012: Goldman Sachs has advised clients they should expect a 10% correction in Intel Stock when they release their earnings on July 17 2012. When I sell puts or naked calls I already have a plan in place prior to executing my trades. If Intel stock corrects or rallies I am ready in advance. This article looks at the steps I take to prepare in advance for any situation in a stock in order to keep my option trades profitable.

Put Selling and Naked Calls On Intel Stock Needs A Plan To Work

June 26 2012: Intel stock continues under pressure. At this point I am holding a variety of naked puts at varying strikes and today I sold naked calls as well. How can this type of trade work out with a plan. It can’t and this article discusses why having a plan and the importance of strategy are paramount to successful investing.

Intel Stock Roller Coaster Means Changing Put Selling Strategy

June 22 2012: Intel Stock for the past couple of years has been exceptionally easy to put selling against. It was stuck in a trading range which always makes put selling a breeze. Since January 2012 Intel Stock has risen which means the put selling strategy must change to remain profitable. This article looks at how to make changes to a put selling strategy as a stock rises and falls and stays away from support levels making put selling without assignment of shares difficult.

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