This is a strategy article for FullyInformed Members on profiting from manipulation of Intel Stock. This morning the news about the upgrade on Intel Stock by Jefferies who have placed a target sell price of $30.00 on Intel Stock is actually just an upgrade of an earlier call for the stock to reach $27.00 which Jefferies had issued months back. This kind of stock manipulation is a common every day occurrence but you can work this kind of manipulation to your advantage, especially when you are selling puts.

Intel Stock Manipulation Rules

There is really only one rule to understand with stock manipulation. It is to understand that the analysts already have their stock, and often they are holding shares at a higher price than where the stock has been trading. Their upgrade is nothing more than a manipulation of an asset class.

A great example is Carl Icahn who recently announced his stock position in Apple Stock. In the sell-off on September 11, Icahn announced that it was a no-brainer to be buying the stock on the sell-off and implied that he was adding to his positions. This is stock manipulation which is not illegal and is no different than the stock tip from a buddy. If your buddy gives you a tip, you can be sure you are not the first to hear of it. But there are ways to profit from this manipulation and signals to watch for to make sure you are not caught when the stock manipulation ends.

Intel Stock Strategy Article

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