All the talk about whether technical analysis is of any value over on my options forum got me thinking about setting up some technical analysis on specific stocks to help Fullyinformed Members to follow along. I have set up Intel Stock as my first choice for daily technical analysis and I will be using the 10-20-30 moving averages trading strategy and how I would apply it to this stock for profit and income.

As well I will be discussing what other strategies could be applied by investors depending on the situation in the stock.

When I started with a mentor we had few technical analysis tools. Primarily we used the moving averages and my mentor certainly devised some clever strategies based on the moving averages. This is part of the reason I chose the 10-20-30 moving averages for the first strategy to delve into. But I will each day show the technical timing tools I use and explain what I see, what I am looking for, how I read the signals and how I apply those signals to Intel stock.

I am hoping that investors will take it one step further and start to apply these same strategies and technical timing signals to their own stocks. It’s a hands-on approach and I am hoping it will assist investors.

FullyInformed Members can read the first technical analysis of Intel Stock through this direct link.  Not yet a member? You can join here.