Intel stock has been in my portfolio for years. This year though Intel Stock has started to show some additional valuation as it has been rising steadily since mid-June. There have been two jumps in the stock over the past three months. The first was June 13 and the second July 17. Following the jump higher in June, Intel Stock continue to rise but since the jump higher in mid-July the stock turned sideways and has now pulled back.

Selling in the stock over the past few days has been steady. Today’s drop broke through the Middle Bollinger Band and set the stock up to possibly head for the Lower Bollinger Band. Personally I think the chance of the stock breaking to the Lower Bollinger Band is slim at present even with the market selling lower. At the Lower Bollinger Band Intel stock would be trading for just below the $31.00 valuation.
Intel Stock – Strategies For A Pullback

But when the stock market in general is in a pullback, stocks can fall faster and harder than investors anticipate. There is only one way to not get caught in a pullback or even a market correction and that is to basically be out of the market and not trading. While for some investors that might be an alternative, it is not a choice for me. I prefer to be trading and earning income as I continue to grow my portfolio.

To that end, this article looks at today’s trades in Intel Stock and how I am applying strategies for a pullback to today’s trades. It is essential to protect both capital in use and profits earned against the backdrop of a stock market pullback. This article addresses both of those issues as I set up my trades in Intel Stock today to both protect my capital in use and continue to grow profits despite the growing possibility of a market direction pullback that could turn into a deeper correction.

Intel Stock to August 5 4014

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Intel Stock – Trade Alerts for August 5 2014

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