YUM Stock Profit and Income Articles

YUM Stock Profit and Income Articles

Yum Stock has been in my portfolio for years. This page presents an index to all my profit and income articles written that deal with YUM Stock trades. One important aspect of successful investment for profit and income is to understand the company being invested in. YUM Brands operates fast food outlets in 120 countries and territories around the world and has a growing presence in Asia. It has three main concepts of KFC, PIZZA HUT and TACO BELL. YUM Brands is a profitable company in the Cyclical Consumer Goods & Services sector and Restaurants industry. YUM Stock earnings per share is growing but not as rapidly as in prior years. It is important to keep track of the past history of the company as well as look to the future growth of the company. If earnings should begin to decline as YUM Brands matures, then it may be time to close the trades on YUM Stock and move to another company. YUM Stock PE is lower than the restaurant average of 33.70 but it has one of the highest ROEs of all restaurant companies in the index. It’s dividend is $1.14 which is among the lower restaurant dividends. Below is the information I retain in my trader’s journal on Yum Stock.

YUM Stock Symbol – YUM

The purpose of having an index page for YUM stock is to assist readers is understanding the trading strategy being employed, the steps taken to decide how to implement the strategy and the trade outcome and adjustments to improve the strategy for the next trade. Investors should not focus on trying to duplicate my trades as these trades are often posted after they have occurred. Consider reading How I Treat My Investing Like A Business to understand how I approach investing.

By following the YUM Stock trades and reading through the article I hope other investors can understand how different strategies can be employed to assist investments.

I keep this type of sheet in my own trading journal as it helps me at a moment’s glance to understand how the stock is performing, the earnings of the company, dividend increases and past trades. It also allows me to reflect on the overall goal of the investment in YUM Stock and the strategy being employed as well as its effectiveness at meeting the overall goal. By taking a moment to reflect on my trade I can often alter the strategy or tweak it slightly to improve the performance.

A trading journal assists in looking back to determine why a trade was profitable and allows studying of trades that ended with a loss or certainly not the outcome I had expected. Through studying those trades I can improve on future trades which leads to consistency of income and profit.

YUM Stock Trading Journal Summary

Trading Journal Statistics All Figures In US Dollars Millions
Select To View Year Earnings / Net Income
Billions / Billions
Dividend Payout
PE Book
Debt To
2009 YUM Stock Trades 2009 10.8 / 1.59 $0.78 36.1x 31.5x 2.55 469 62.22% 11.1% 2.1X
2010 YUM Stock Trades 2010 11.3 / 1.76 $0.88 35.1x 28.5x 2.90 469 61.1% 11.0% 2.1X
2011 YUM Stock Trades 2011 12.6 / 1.81 $1.035 34.6x 25.7x 3.55 460 60.1% 11.00% 2.1X
2012 YUM Stock Trades 2012 $1.14 34.6X 20.05 3.96 460 59.31% 11.58% 2.2X

This YUM Stock link will take interested readers to YUM Brands investor relations

YUM Stock Goal and Strategy Employed

Since commencing I have been engaged in put selling against YUM Stock. The goal remains to sell puts and avoid being assigned shares. If assigned shares I will sell covered calls until exercised. I have no interest in any medium or long-term holding of YUM Stock shares.


YUM Stock Articles

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Put Selling The Dips With YUM Stock

August 3 2012 – Put Selling can be very profitable if an investor is willing to do Put Selling whenever a stock they are following dips in value. This article looks at Put Selling YUM Stock profitably, month after month through dip selling.

4 Steps For Trading Options

July 21 2012 – This trading options article presents the 4 steps I use on most of my stock positions for successfully trading options for consistent profit and income potential.

Understanding Support And Resistance In YUM Stock

July 17 2012 – This profit and income article presents how to establish support and resistance levels in a stock which leads to successful put selling. A very popular YUM Stock article.

YUM Stock Bought

June 29 2011 – This profit and income article looks at timing entry and exit levels for stock purchases for simple swing trading or day trading.

Playing It Safe With Put Selling Out Of The Money Options

June 28 2012 – Often investors engage in Put Selling at the money without realizing the risk of assignment. Instead this article looks at YUM Stock and how to sell for good profits, out of the money put options.

400% Gain In YUM Stock Trade Explained

June 15 2012 – This article discusses the steps done to provide a huge gain for a trade in YUM Stock and how it can be applied to other stocks within a portfolio.

Put Selling Yum Stock During Periods Of Weakness

June 11 2012 – Once support and resistance are understood in a stock an investor can engage in Put Selling for profit and income taking advantage of dips in the stock price or periods of weakness.

Put Selling YUM Stock Without Developing Ulcers

June 7 2012 – This popular article looks at how an investor can accomplish Put Selling without stress or worry. One of the more popular articles on YUM Stock.

YUM Stock Sold From My Retirement Portfolio

March 22 2012 – Often a stock will reach its potential and should no longer be traded. In this article I discuss why YUM Stock is no longer in my retirement portfolio.

Using Tools To Spot A Collapsing Stock On YUM Stock

September 29 2011 – Today YUM Stock collapsed 7% in a wave of panic selling. I show how to use the tools to spot a collapsing stock in order to determine if it is time to leave YUM Stock behind. These tools can be used on every stock in order to determine whether it is just a short decline or the beginning of a major down turn.

Why Select YUM Stock for Put Selling

September 21 2011 – This article discusses the steps an investor should consider in order to determine whether or not a stock meets the criteria needed for successful put selling.

Put Selling YUM Stock During A Bear Market

August 9 2011 – With the S&P 500 now in bear territory, what tools should an investor being using in order to safely continue Put Selling while avoiding assignment of YUM Stock shares.

YUM Stock VS McDonalds Stock

April 20 2011 – This article studies these two giants to determine which is a better stock for investors.

YUM Stock and Put Selling A Neutral Position

March 23 2011 – This article looks at the decision making process when a stock such as YUM Stock sits in a neutral stance, not moving up or down. How does an investor decide what put strikes to consider selling when there is no clear direction.

YUM Stock and Timing Put Selling With The Ultimate Oscillator

Feb 18 2011 – In this second article looking at the Ultimate Oscillator I discuss using it to exit a trade before being assigned shares.

YUM Stock And Put Selling With The Ultimate Oscillator

Jan 31 2011 – In this article I look at how the Ultimate Oscillator technical timing tool can be used to time entry and exit points when Put Selling YUM Stock.

YUM Stock 5 year uptrend

Yum Stock has been in an uptrend since 2008. Will 2012 see an end to that uptrend?