Update, Analysis and Tips For More Profits in Market Direction Portfolio

With the market direction portfolio now up 18% for the year and the market itself still really not having done much since December 31, it is obvious that trading the market direction through the Ultra ETFs is an exceptional way to earn profits using the right strategy. Starting with just $300,000 this year and rarely risking more than half of the available capital in any one trade, the portfolio is now up $55,000 and keeps growing. This article for FullyInformed Members looks at today’s trade in the Market Direction Portfolio but also analyzes the market direction since the start of the year and offers tips on improving profits through this portfolio including tips for those investors who have full-time jobs and cannot be trading all day.

This article is 2000 words in length and will need 6 pages if printed. My present strategy is consistently bringing in profits and controlling losses as well as limiting risk to the capital in use. These three factors are mushrooming this portfolio. I had expected a return of 30% by year-end but I will not be surprised if the annual return will be over 50%, especially if the past 3 months of choppy, volatile trading are indicative of what 2014 will be like.

Update, Analysis and Tips For More Profits

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