Up 13% – 2015 USA Portfolio Update for Apr 11 2015

Here is the latest update to the 2015 USA Portfolio since the start of the year. The portfolio is now up 13.6% and income is starting to increase. While the lack of any meaningful correction has meant limited income from downside trades such as the SPY PUT Hedge, the portfolio has enjoyed excellent returns thanks to the tight trading range the markets have been in since the start of January.

Trades are continually being updated to the USA Stock Portfolio. The latest addition is Apple Stock trades two of which were entered into this week.

Outlook for Profits Is Promising

While the start of the year may have appeared rough, the outlook for profits this year are on track. Over the past 14 weeks the portfolio is averaging just shy of 1% weekly. As the market continues to trade sideways with a bias slightly up, this  could turn out a 50% gain for the year!

Changes To The USA Portfolio Layout

There have been some improvements to the USA Portfolio layout. By clicking on the stock name you will go to the latest trade table for the respective stock. The top line also shows immediately the income earned in 2015. Below that, marked “Latest Update”, are the latest comments, date and-or trade details so you can quickly skim the portfolio and see what is happening and when the latest update was done for various stocks. The details also show when I originally started trading in the stock under the heading “Position Started”. Below that is “Income Earned To Date” which indicates the total income made from trading within each individual stock or ETF since I started a position. Some trades go back to the last bear market.

Below that you can select to review any of the prior years and finally, there is a link to review all related strategy articles for each individual stock.


As all of these trade tables are linked to the individual trades, they are automatically updated as soon as I post the latest trade. This will keep the USA Portfolio for 2015 up to date and make for a central focal point for investors to review throughout the day or week.

All the latest trades can be reviewed by USA members through this link.

USA Portfolio Trades for 2015 – update for Apr 11 2015

FullyInformed USA Members can review the latest 2015 USA Portfolio trades through this link or they can sign in to the full USA members site here. Non-members can join here or read about the benefits of being a member.

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