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Tips For Rolling Deep In-The-Money Credit Put Spreads In A Market Collapse – Mar 9 2020

Tips For Rolling Deep In-The-Money Credit Put Spreads In A Market Collapse - Mar 9 2020
In addition to the 6 tips for rolling deep in-the-money short put contracts, one area to mention is credit put spreads. There are many methods ...
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6 Tips For Rolling Deep In-The-Money Short Put Options In A Market Collapse – Mar 9 2020

Rolling Deep In The Money Put Options In A Market Collapse
With the market futures pointing to a bleak and steep decline on Monday at the open, for those investors holding short put options without the ...
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Understanding Market Declines – 5 Ways To Stay Calm and Carry On – Feb 27 2020

Understanding Market Declines
I have received some emails from investors who are becoming more concerned as the market craters still further. Feeling worried as stocks fall further is ...
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Repairing Short Put Positions In A Market Collapse – Become A Better Investor – Feb 3 2020

Repairing Short Put Option Positions
With the collapse of stocks in the past week and particularly with the plunge on Friday, I received a number of emails from investors who ...
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Understanding Risks and Returns – Learning The SPY ETF Hedge Strategy

Understanding Risks and Returns In The SPY ETF
I received a couple of emails today from members. I thought I would share their contents and discuss them in this article. This is because ...
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How To Compound Your Returns Quickly – Become A Better Investor

Become a better investor
One of the most important aspects to understand when investing is how to grow a portfolio quickly. It is not unreasonable to consider that a ...
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6 Tips For Trading Sideways Markets Intraday – Learning The SPY ETF Hedge Strategy

Learning The SPY ETF HEDGE Strategy
The past two weeks have produced a large number of sideways days on the SPX Index. For those investors using the SPY ETF Hedge Strategy, ...
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Quick Comments on Using Fundamentals For Safety In Sector Rotations – Sep 11 2019

Stock Market Outlook Quick Comments
The sector rotation that is ongoing is being presented to retail investors as overbought and overvalued stocks that have had great returns such as MasterCard, ...
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Using Moving Averages To Time Rolling Short Put Options On A Plunging Stock – VISA Stock (V) – Sep 10 2019

Adobe Stock ADBE
While no stock is actually a “safe” stock, there are those stocks that are considered “safer” than most. Visa and MasterCard stock certainly fell into ...
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Using Volume Analysis In A Stock Market Collapse To Spot Opportunities – Adobe Stock – Aug 5 2019

Adobe Stock ADBE
Big sell-offs provide big opportunities. Today’s is one such “big opportunity”. Here’s how I use volume in a stock market collapse to assist in my ...
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7 Tools To Spot A Bottom In The Apple Stock (AAPL) Sell-off – May 27 2019

Apple Stock - AAPL
Since Apple Stock set a high on May 3 of $211.84, the stock has been in a steady decline. On Friday May 24 the stock ...
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Trading In Choppy Markets – Learning The SPY ETF Hedge Strategy

Learning The SPY ETF Hedge
With the S&P index grinding its way higher, there are a lot of choppy days where the index might move just a few points before ...
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