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This is the full index of VISA Stock (V stock) trades and analysis articles. The articles discuss key aspects of my trades in Visa Stock including the steps I take and tools I use to select my strikes to sell puts.

VISA Stock Strategy Employed: I believe VISA stock (V Stock) is undervalued and will eventually reach $100.00. Meanwhile my strategy is to sell puts on VISA to earn income. Eventually I will accept shares but only to either trade or sell covered calls against. I have no interest in owning this stock for any long term buy and hold, but presently while the stock is undervalued, it is terrific for selling puts against. If assigned shares I will sell covered calls until I am exercised from my shares. I will then return to selling puts. When the stock becomes fairly valued I may discontinue this trade or reduce the number of put contracts being sold. Select this Visa Stock link to view a 6 month chart in V Stock.

The advantage of this index is not to just look to consider duplicating this type of trade. Instead the index provides the opportunity for other investors to read a variety of articles that explain various strategies being employed, why they are being used, how they are being used and their outcome. Through studying the strategies investors can determine their suitability and adjust them or develop other strategies from them that suite their style of investing, risk level and the type of stock they are holding. To understand my outlook on investing you may want to read How I Treat My Investing Like A Business.

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Understanding The Role Of Confidence in Put Selling Visa Stock – This article looks at how I have managed to earn such terrific returns in my Visa Stock trades and why I think it will continue in 2014.

Visa Stock Trade Strategy as of Dec 31 2013 – Visa Stock has been a stellar performer since the bear market of 2008 to 2009. Here is a trade outline and strategy from Dec 31 2013.

Visa Stock Is The Uptrend Broken – Oct 31 2013 – How does an investor decide if a long-term uptrend in a stock is coming to an end?

Visa Stock Continuing Put Selling Profits – June 18 2013 – Visa Stock continues to perform as it remains in a long-term uptrend. Here is the latest outline of my strategy for put selling.

Put Selling Visa Stock For Profits In 2013 – Apr 22 2013 – More Put Selling trade strategies on Visa Stock.

More Put Sell Trades – Apr 3 2013 – Trade alerts for April 3 2013 showing the continuing income from Put Selling against VISA Stock.

Building Wealth With VISA Stock – Jan 11 2013 – This article discusses the use of the Building Wealth Covered Calls Strategy against VISA Stock and why investors could use this strategy for long-term wealth creation while continuing to hold a long-term position in VISA Stock.

Why Pick Visa Stock for 2013 – Jan 4 2013 – This article looks at the reasons why a stock should be considered for Put Selling as it applies to Visa Stock.

When Visa Stock Uptrend Ends – Dec 14 2012 – Visa Stock has been moving higher since 2009 and has now tripled in value. This article looks at the warning signs an investor should learn to warn when an uptrend is ending in a stock.

Put Selling And Other People’s Money – Sep 13 2012 – The Put Selling strategy I use is explained in this article on Visa Stock as I look at the profitable method of using the Put Selling strategy to earn profits by “taking’ other investors’ money who buy the puts I have sold.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities – Aug 10 2012 – I primarily trade within a handful of the same stocks year after year until a stock changes and is no longer worthwhile for Put Selling or trading. Here is the importance of taking advantage of opportunities when they develop.

Buy and Hold Versus Put Selling – Aug 9 2012 – Many times investors wonder why anyone would select Put Selling over buying and holding a stock while waiting for capital appreciate of the shares. This article looks at the question of Put Selling against Visa Stock versus buying and holding a stock.

Learning How To Use MACD to Assist in Put Selling  – Jan 1 2012 – When I engage in Put Selling with Visa Stock often I use the technical tool MACD (Moving Average Convergence / Divergence) to time when to sell puts and when to buy to close those puts.

Visa Stock – When Assignment Beats Rolling Puts Down – Sept 1 2011 – This article looks at the question of how to decide whether to accept assignment of shares or instead roll down naked puts to a lower strike.

VISA Stock  – Debit Transaction Fees Sink VISA – Jan 19 2011 – How to handle a downturn in a stock when you are holding naked puts that may end up in the money.