Getting big returns from trading usually requires daily access to be able to trade and often numerous trades. For some investors they have neither the time or the expertise for this type of trading. Many investors are working full-time and do not have ready access to make trades throughout the day. I developed the Moonlight Strategy years ago when I was working full-time and raising my children. There was limited time available for investing and most of the research had to be done in the evening. I needed a strategy that required minimal work but could return 8 to 10 percent or better a year. Over the years I found a variety of methods to be able to boost the return and some years earned better than 15% annually in a trade.

The Moonlight Strategy

I will be starting the Moonlight Strategy tomorrow on National Bank of Canada stock.

Shares of National Bank of Canada fell 2.5% today to close at $45.86 after the bank posted a 13 percent decline in quarterly profit. While adjusted earnings were $1.05 a share, which was a penny higher than estimates, its revenue decline caught analysts and shareholders by surprise. The revenue of $1.28 billion was below estimates of $1.34 billion which resulted in a decline in profits to $362 million, amounting to a decline of 13 percent from the same quarter last year. National Bank did increase its dividend by four percent.

So far in this quarterly earnings season among banks, National Bank is the only bank to experience a decline. National Bank is the smallest among Canada’s major banks and is primarily found in the province of Quebec. Outside Quebec it has a handful of branches in a few other major Canadian cities but it is the principal bank for the province of Quebec. National Bank trades under the symbol NA on the Toronto Stock Exchange. .

Why National Bank Of Canada Stock?

I chose National Bank Of Canada stock for the Moonlight Strategy for a number of reasons. Foremost was because it is a somewhat challenging stock which should make learning how to apply the Moonlight Strategy easier for those investors who decide to follow along. Since it is more challenging, it will need me to use all aspects of the Moonlight Strategy to boost returns throughout the coming weeks and months especially in a market like Canada where options are thinly traded on many stocks. I hope you will join me as I demonstrate this strategy through trades done on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The Moonlight Strategy And NA Stock

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