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I’m a long term fan of you and your website.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the good work you have been doing for us!  I know you work hard for us.  I’m still learning tons and really value your experience and advice.  Just wanted you to know how much I value and appreciate you!
Name: Candy R. , Mableton GA – Email Received Mar 20  2017


I set a personal record on “Third Friday” last week by closing out 18 option positions with 18 wins.  If you are still pondering the merit of joining, get off the fence! Heck, sign up for a month-to-month subscription and cancel after a couple of months if you don’t like it. Teddi has taught me to go for singles and doubles instead of trying to hit home runs. Just as important, she has beat into us the importance of avoiding capital losses that are difficult to make up. Sign up with her and make some money.
Name: Pablo   Yahoo Public Forum: Jan 23 2017


Teddi,  I went aggressively after this one but thanks to you, I am not concerned. If I have under the water ITMs they were rolled, sometimes as a debit (no naked puts here) and then put on a trade that will offset the debit paid on a Call Spread without using more capital. It sure has taken me a while but I am a better investor (in my own way), thanks to you!
Name: Valerie   Members Forum – Dec 1 2016


In the years I have been a subscriber I have learnt so much and have profited greatly.  Thanks again for your great work. Kind Regards
Name: Jim L.Y.  Email Received – Nov 29 2016


After each expiration Friday, I wish I could raise a toast in person with you as I write “Expired” on the confirmations. Your trade ideas on large-cap and low-volatility companies, instead of flashy ones, are the best ideas out there.  I lift a glass of vodka and tonic water, and say to you, “Here’s to good health and great wealth!”
I only have health, but you’re helping with the other part.  :-)

Name: Richard C.   Email Received – Sep 18 2016


Despite my years of trading experience, your tips have so far produced results which have allowed me to enter and exit stock and option positions profitably.
Name: Shmuel Z.  Email Received – June 8 2016


I have amonthly membership – but will purchase an annual mmbership – I like your over all approach to managing risk and your multiple strategies.
Name: Don.   Posted To Members Forum: May 8 2016


You are the most honest and generous person that I have found on the net willing to help people with the daunting task of becoming good investors.
Name: Jacques P.  Email Jan 31 2016  Prov: Quebec Canada


Teddi 12 months ago I barely knew what an option was. After being a member of your site for the last 6 months+ I have learned a tremendous amount, like the CSCO trade I did today. I appreciate what you do for us all and the cost at which you provide access. Thank you Teddi.
Name: Corey W.  Posted to Yahoo Options Forum: Jan 8 2016


I’ve only been a member for 2 months but I’ve already learned a lot from you. You’re doing an amazing job with your membership site!
Name: Martin  Email: Received Dec 10 2015


Thx to you – I am becoming a better trader. I spent most of my day just watching – prices changes, volume, and the impact!
Name: Valerie B – Twitter Post Dec 3 2015:  3:28 PM


I’ve earned more money with you than any other financial advisory service, and a subscription is well worth the cost.
Name: Richard  Email received Nov 28 2015  State: California


You are the best! Love your site and terrific advice that has saved me literally thousands of dollars, particularly in learning to roll puts sideways or down to protect capital before accepting assignment or preventing it all together by closing early for smaller gains.
Name: Paula   Email received Nov 21 2015  State: New York


I belong (or have belonged to many sites).  Your site and offerings are worth a minimum of $100 a month.  Keep up the great work.
Name: Brad    Email received Oct 20 2015  City: Windermere FL


Teddi.  I have been a member since 2013 and I have gained a lot in value thru this membership. I wonder where anyone can get this value for less than $30 per month. This mail is to say Thank You for your valuable guidance over the years.
Name: Sada – Posted to Yahoo Group Forum  Oct 19 2015


Thank you for everything you do. You have changed the way I trade. I am now confident that I can meet any Investing challenge.
Name: Chris – Posted to Yahoo Group Forum  Oct 18 2015


Again, thank you, Teddi, for making me such a better trader and sharing so much with us.
Name: Karen – Posted to Yahoo Group Forum  Oct 18 2015


It is a pleasure to be on your website.  It has been a blast over the last 3 years.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience.
Name: Stan – Email received  Oct 18 2015


Hi, Teddi! I have been a member off and on for several years (only due to time constraints with my job, so I love the flexibility you offer). I just want you to know how much you have helped me & in more ways than you know.  I’m sure there are many out there like me that feel the same but just haven’t commented yet. I will be re-newing again on Friday and look forward to all that you have to offer with the new changes and classes. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!
Name Pam – Email received Oct 14 2015  City: Branson, MO


Once again, an incredible, safe call for the week. Awesome job!
Name: Amy – posted to members forum Sep 28 2015


Teddi: Nice FB trades for today’s expiration — good job!. Thanks for encouraging us to save cash for times like this week.
Name: Spudoman – Posted to members forum Aug 28 2015


Personally, my success rate and profitability per trade has increased dramatically since joining this site.
Name: Chris – Posted to Public Yahoo Forum July 20 2015


I can’t begin to describe how much my trading life has changed since I joined.
Name: Karen – Posted to Public Yahoo Forum July 19 2015


I don’t know how you could be a member of Teddi’s site and NOT make money. Everything I do is a result of watching how she trades, reading her tutorials, entering many of her trades of course, but mostly learning her thinking process.
Name: Amy – Posted to Public Yahoo Forum July 19 2015


I think this is one of the best websites out there for the individual investor.
Name: Jim C – Posted to members forum May 31 2015


I want to thank Teddi for inspiring me to plan and execute trades…considering upside, downside, risk, and plans if the trade doesn’t work out.
Name: David  (My Yahoo Options Forum)  Mar 12 2015


Thanks for your sharing your investment insights. I have learned so much from your site and have started implementing some of the strategies.
Name: Marci – Posted to members forum Mar 2 2015


I renewed my membership today and wanted to share some reflections on why. I have been trading options for about 5 years and  naked puts have for the past few years become  without a doubt my favorite strategy.  I  am also very active in a couple trading community groups and help moderate one in particular with several hundred followers. I have been sharing my trades and promoting naked put  strategies for some time there.  A year or so ago your site was introduced to me by one of our community members. I cannot express to you how your experience and what you share has improved my trading and made me a better and more complete trader. It’s a wonderful thing when you start to learn a strategy so well you can trade it with consistency, confidence, and without fear no matter what Mr. Market does. The membership price is cheap and well worth both the content and interaction.
Name: John    Location: Canada  Email Received Feb 12 2015


I have been religiously following your strategies.  I do not have enough words to thank you.
Name: Kunal – email received Jan 22 2015 City: Mumbai  India


Teddy, first thanks for all the great info. You have made a HUGE difference in my trading success!
Name: Robert – Disqus comment Jan 5 2015


Hi Teddi, You’re my new year’s resolution!!!  I’ve watched you over the year and will now get active with investing. Thanks for all your effort with the site and your knowledge – it’s appreciated.
Name: Michael – email received Jan 2 2015  City: NSW – Australia


Just want to wish you a Happy Healthy New Year and thank you for running a terrific site. You provide a tremendous amount of teaching and information at a very fair value. Your energy and output is scary impressive! All the best and thank you.
Name: Jerry – email received Jan 1 2015   City: Cincinnati


Thanks for opening the Canadian site to focus on Canadian equities. I joined in June and made 18% this year. It is the best I have done in years and your articles are easy to follow. I love your stock analysis and your prices are very affordable. I renewed for a year! Happy New Year.
Name: Gina – email received Dec 30 2014   City: Montreal


I am a member and plan to continue month-to-month. You are the real McCoy. Your trades and advice are sincere and well thought out. I appreciate the immense amount of time you take to discuss trades, trading and strategies – for example your recent article about Encana energy and rescue attempt. Few would take such elaborate pains to help that trader and, by extension, any others who may be or could be in the same boat. I am learning much. Thank you kindly.
Name: Fred – email received Nov 13 2014 City: Richmond (USA)


I will be forever in your debt for how much I have learned here and used to help secure my senior years.  If you just wrote your articles and never answered a question, your site would still be a 100 times more valuable than any I have ever found.
Name: Karen – (My Yahoo Options Forum) Oct 12 2014


I wish I had known about you/your website years ago.
Name: Wayne – Email received Sept 7 2014


Hi Teddi, I have gained valuable information from your website.  Weekly put selling is my preferred strategy, including high-volatility put selling on earnings day for large caps.  I aim for a weekly target of 1%.
Name: Castel – Email Received Aug 17 2014


I really appreciate the knowledge and experience you share. I have learned so much since I discovered your site….and made profits as well!
Name: Howard – Email received June 30 2014


Teddi – your articles on Apple credit put spreads alone are worth the price of your service!
Name: Mortimer – Twitter June 9 2014


Thank you for all your work. You are the most honest, transparent, non-hype mentor, the best that anyone could ever hope to find, as I did accidentally and am grateful.
Name: Donald – Email received June 8 2014


Every time I think I’ve mastered something, a new situation pops up that tests my skills. All the strategies Teddi pulls out of the toolkit for what for me are new market situations are great and always get the head crunching. Amazing amount of work you have done for us – thank you very much!
Name: Ian (My Yahoo Options Forum) June 2 2014


I will gladly join the “echo chamber” when it comes to Teddi and this site.  Even after a year here, I feel as if I have only begun to touch the surface of all she has to share with us.
Name: Karen (My Yahoo Options Forum) June 2 2014


Teddi is a breath of fresh air over the other “learn & earn” sites.  She diligently describes her rational for her trades and shares, in depth, her plans for managing her trades.  Subscription sites probably have a place for some investors, but over the years my largest return from any of them has been high disappointment. The “teach the person to fish” model works very well here.  I’m holding onto the pole I’m using.
Name: Mel (My Yahoo Options Forum) June 2 2014


Thanks to Teddi for giving me  the confidence to allow assignment, knowing it could be rescued in a myriad of ways!
Name: Amy (My Yahoo Options Forum) May 2014


I learn something new every time I read one of your articles. More than that though, your extensive research and presentation makes me feel as if I am being personally mentored. I still have a tremendous amount to learn, but am sold on your style of slow, steady, opportunistic investing. I have only followed you for three months but I can already see the results in my portfolio.
Name: Rick  Email Received Dec 9 2014


Over the past year I have been reading pretty much every article on your site. I have read “How I treat My Investment Like a Business” more than 50 times. I have finally taken the plunge and am now allocating my assets between cash, bonds and stocks. I hope to emulate what you have achieved in your trading in the years to come.
Name: Shobir Email Received Oct 12 2014


Probably the most comprehensive site with real down to earth solutions for the retail investor that I have ever found… Thanks Teddi, you are wonderful !
Name: Kevin  City: Selangor  Email Received Sep 23 2014


Teddi, I want to thank you for the great four part series on making 2014 a profitable year.  It is an excellent series of insightful analysis and strategies.  It alone is worth the membership cost.
Name: Thomas (Yahoo Options Forum) Aug 12 2014


I can’t tell you how much you mean to me in my trading/investing and how thankful I am that you take your time to help others. I hope you are rewarded with more than double of what you give out. Your “Building Wealth Using Covered Calls Strategy On Stocks” article really touched me and turned on a big bright lightbulb. You helped me understand how I can better take care of myself in retirement AND share those gifts with my family and grandchildren.  It has given me alot to think about and be grateful for!
Name: Candice  City: Newark  Email Received July 3 2014


Hi Teddi – thanks for another great trade idea. In at $0.70 mid-day for 4 Naked Puts (Colgate-Palmolive Stock). I have to tell you… After reading several books on option strategies and wanting to do more research I did a Google search and came upon your website this month. You are by far the best resource I have found yet. Look forward to learning and trading with you.
Name: Tmac  Email Received June 2 2014


I became a member two weeks ago and have learned more from you in two weeks than I have learned in twenty years.
Name: Dave  City: Towson  Email Received May 12 2014


This information is excellent and very helpful to me and, I’m sure, to many others. FullyInformed is well worth the cost. You have given me a great deal of confidence over the past 6 months since becoming a member.
Name: Forsetta  Apr 20 2014


I am writing to express my gratitude for all the energy you spend to maintain such a wonderful site! I stumbled across FullyInformed back in October of 2013 when I was contemplating options.  I have to admit that everything went right over my head at first.  But I have always been an investor in large cap stocks so I was fascinated by your stock selection.  So, I started reading one of your articles a week, and gradually ramped up from there.  Things started to make sense, rather quickly I am amazed to say.  A major reason for that is the consistency in your investment strategies.  It is so extremely helpful and a huge confidence boost for a beginning investor to see the same investment principles applied time and again with success and/or with good rescue strategies.  And on top of that, strategies that can be implemented by an average investor.  Again, I don’t know how you do it but I pick up wisdom and have ‘ah ha’ moments almost every time I read or reread your articles.  I read in one of your articles that investing is a lonely venture and finding good mentors is difficult.  Thank you again for all you do to make the road less lonely and being such a good mentor to so many.
Name: Lei   Email: Mar 25 2014


Retired Newbie, taking control after 2 1/2 yrs of losing with a ‘Pro’ before finding you. Thank you for all you effort and support for novice and experienced traders.
Name: Ed   Feb 28 2014


As time goes by I have learned to appreciate how important it is to acknowledge the efforts of others when one has the chance.  This message is a short thank you for everything you do each and every day to help those of us that are trying to build a bit of a nest egg for the future
Name: Frank  City: Raleigh  Email Received Feb 3 2014


Teddi, I thank you for your hard work and relentless dedication. I have been a member of your site for only two months, and I thank my good friend Judy D. for suggesting you. I have been able to understand put selling more and have a new confidence in doing “naked puts.” I thank you again, and I wish you and all of your members a happy, healthy and very prosperous 2014.
Name: Pamela Posted To Yahoo Forum Jan 2014


Please keep going with how you go about it. The universe of information is always divided by people selling crap or smart people not willing or able to share. This is the first time I found a resource with substance and continuity. Please keep going!
Name: Stijn City: Dublin  Email Received Jan 2014


As someone who had been trading options unsuccessfully for three years before 2013, Teddi’s put selling knowledge and doing it on the correct stocks has been a game changer.  I started the year in my option account with about $8700 dollars having drawn it down from $10000 from 2009-12.  Mainly selling calls and verticals.  Towards the end of 2012 I had finally discovered put selling but I was only selling OTM SPY puts.  I was just starting making a little money when I discovered Teddi’s web site and this board.  I am glad to say I made 30% this year on this account.
Name: Bill – Posted to the Yahoo Options Forum – Jan 5 14


Let me start out by saying that I appreciate the time and effort you put into every single article. I spend hours on your site every day. I’ve learned a lot and the member section has improved my trading and my bank account. Keep up the good work.
Name: Mitch  City: Dallas  Email Received Nov 2013


I very much enjoy reading your well thought out articles and your mentoring method works wonders for me. I am a member until you stop writing.
Name: Rudy  City: Toronto  Email Received Oct 23 2013


I have been a subscriber for less than a week and have learned more than I have learned over my life time by reading your strategies.
Name: Jim  City: McKinney Email Received Oct 22 2013


I am so glad to have found you. The teaching style is so helpful and detailed.  I am 68 and getting ready to go live very carefully. Thank You again for this wonderful site!
Name: Bill City: Hartford  Email Received Oct 12 2013


Your examples on rescuing trades and rolling options saved more than one of my trades. Your mentoring helped with a covered call I had sold and then the stock jumped up and I though I would have to buy them back for losses. Instead you should me how to properly buy them back for a net credit. Genius.
Name: Elliot  City: Washington  Email Received Oct 2013


I liked your style and joined your site the first day that I found it!
Name: Greg  City: Miami  Comment Posted to Yahoo Forum Sep 2013


Thanks to Teddi and her articles pn how to set the stop orders and buying back on dips.  Thanks Teddi, keep the articles coming.
Name: David N.  (My Yahoo Options Forum)  August 2013


Teddi: Love the site! Thank you for sharing your expertise. I have learned more here than in the hundreds of books I have bought.
Name: Samantha City: Miami  Email Received July 2013


I have made back all my losses from 2008 since becoming a member. Your style of writing is excellent and I love watching your trades.
Name: Larry City: New York  Email Received June 12 2013


I enjoy reading how you have dealt with different situations. I like how you explain how the fundamentals and history of the company tell you one thing, and the market and the technicals tell you another. I have learned so much from how you handle losing trades. Many thanks!
Name: Stephen City: Prague  Email Received April 23 2013


Teddi, I value all your input. I was planning on autotrading until I joined your site. I see no point in throwing my money away in autotrading now that I have seen how you invest. I love the mentoring style. I appreciate all your help in identifying my mistakes.
Name: Hanron City: Gilbert  Email Received April 14 2013


I enjoy each article you write. I look forward to coming to your site every day. It is the best money I have ever spent on investing.
Name: Craig  City: Midland   Email Received April 2013


I just stumbled on your site a couple weeks back and am now a member. I’m very impressed by your trade success with selling options. You have a ton of useful information that I am profiting from. Thank you for it.
Name: Andy City: Oxford  Email Received Feb 2013

I have read your material for a long time and admire your insight into how the markets function. You are doing a great service for neophytes and old timers like me. Thanks for all you do.
Name: Don  City: New York  Email Received Jan 20 2013


I have been reading your web site now for several months.  Thank you for a wonderful site. I joined and plan to be a lifetime member. I especially appreciate the forethought that goes into every one of your articles.
Name: Linda City: Lorain  Email Received Dec 2012


All I can say is Wow. Finally someone has got investing right. I have paid for lots of sites in the past. Your site is the only one worth paying for. Thank you for your efforts.
Name: Reggie  City: Elk Gove  Email Received Dec 2012


Hi Teddi: I have just joined your regular and paid membership. Congratulations on a great web site. I can appreciate the amount of work and commitment of time in producing all the content relative to your trading and the use of various option stratagies.
Name:  Michael B.  City: Toronto, ON, Canada  Email: Received Oct 30 2012


In any event, you’ve got the best put selling site I know of, and you’re writing consistently, so I’m happy to be a member.
Name: Elliot G  City: Yucaipa, California    Email: Received Oct 25 2012


I have a healthy respect for the market but you have shown so many ways to maneuver a position I don’t lose sleep at night.
Name: Greg S   State: California   Email: Received Oct 20 2012


Your website is the best I have discovered for me to learn how to trade like a banker in the casino’s seat rather than as a player who normally loses out. I am trying to educate myself through your website by looking through all your postings. I consider you to be my Mentor to learn to become better at trading. I regret not discovering your website earlier but I have the patience to learn as much as I can to understand the strategies that are workable.  With My Best Regards to My Mentor Always
Name: Michael L    Email: Received Oct 8 2012


I am so excited about your new members service and the penny trades and the two covered call strategies!  Thanks for bringing back passion in my life!
Name Barbara N  City: Salinas California   Email: Received Oct 4 2012


Teddi, Another well written article by you.  Your plan is rather simple but it requires patience.  That I’ll need to learn.  I’ve looked at your put selling profits over time and they are remarkable.
Name: Randy H   Email: Received Sep 12 2012


Teddi, This is one comprehensive site! Wish I found this site sooner!  I’ve been half ass trading options since ’05.  I got a little more serious with it about a year ago and now I am a bit more eager. Hope to learn more from you and your site.  Thanks.
Name Tom T   City: Plant City Florida   Email:Received Aug 15 2012


I often carve out some time on Sundays to wander around your site looking for articles of interest and even re-reading some strategies that fit my own style of trading.  Your knowledge is unparalleled and your willingness to share and mentor us is very, very special, indeed.
Name: Rohanna  City: Atlanta  Email Received Aug 3 2012


Hi!  I just stumbled on your site a couple weeks back and I’m very impressed by your trade success with selling options and also the ton of useful information you have on your site.  Thank you for it.
Name: Randy  Email Received July 27 2012


Watching Teddi’s trades over time has caused me to add her most-traded Options to my watch list.
Name: Dave J  Posted To Yahoo Options Forum Jule 23 2012 2:16PM


Your site and Put selling advice is the best!  I love the way you think and the way you present your suggestions to your subscibers.  Put selling is now the primary direction of my retirement portfolio (already retired).  I especially like the weekly/bi-weekly trade strategies as there is plenty of time to roll when necessary while still keeping the trades relatively short term.  I’m sold on chipping away at small but consistent profits.  Who needs home runs when singles and doubles are so plentiful. I trust all is well with you Teddi.  Keep up the great work!!
Name: Arthur  City:Mount Vernon  Email Received June 5 2012


Thanks to your holding my hand and patience I now own shares in companies like Intel, Clorox, Procter and Gamble, Coca Cola, PepsiCo that are largely paid for from the income I earned through your strategies. I am a member of your paid site and plan to stay for as long as you are active. My stock portfolio is almost double what it once was. I have a lot of cash on the sidelines and I could care less if Coca Cola Stock or any of my stocks fall down in value. I have all my money back and these stocks are paying me a river of dividends. You said “the proof is in the pudding” and I have eaten the pudding and it tastes wonderful.
Name: Fred  City: Atlanta  Email Received May 23 2012


I have only been a member for about 6 weeks but I can truly say I am a real fan of yours.  I’ve tried a number of services & I have only found one other that I feel is even in the same league as yours.
Name: Roger  City: Hot Springs  Email Received May 10 2012


Thanks for your wonderful website.  I have learned so much from you and have begun put selling this year.
Name: Sharon  Email Received April 7 2012 City: Washington