Profits and Protection Through The Put Selling Ladder Strategy

When I first developed the Put Selling ladder strategy it seemed simple in its concept. The more I developed the strategy however I realized that this strategy had enormous potential for more than just profits.

The 5 Values Of The Put Selling Ladder Strategy

  1. The Put Selling ladder strategy is one of those unique strategies that offers profits both short-term and long-term.
  2. It offers extreme flexibility in more ways that I ever realized.
  3. It provides solid protection which is one of the most important aspects of any investing strategy.
  4. It works for any size portfolio, from small to large.
  5. Last it provides exceptional use of available margin in a reasonable safe method to help boost returns.

I have many strategies in my toolbox, but the Put Selling Ladder Strategy is unique in many details and when understood, investors can quickly adjust the strategy to suit an market environment, from bull to bear to rally to correction.

The concept of the Put Selling Ladder Strategy is exactly that of a ladder with rungs that run from top to bottom. This article lays out a brief description of the concept and methods behind this strategy. A more detailed strategy paper will eventually be available in the FullyInformed Store. However the advantage to this article is that it summarizes in a shorter post the basic elements used in this strategy and by following my ongoing trades using the Put Selling ladder strategy, investors can not only grasp the method being used but can apply it to their own trading and return to this strategy page and continually review the ongoing trades. By reviewing the trades investors can learn the pitfalls, the benefits, adjustments and decision-making process that goes into the Put Selling Ladder Strategy.

Put Selling Ladder Strategy

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