Microsoft Stock (MSFT) Trades for 2014 Now Up 12%

The Put Selling Ladder strategy continues to generate returns and no shares have yet been assigned. The returns are continuing to crank out profits. In 2013 I earned $22,388.00 in Microsoft stock. This year the Put Selling ladder strategy has already earned $8475.00 within the first 3 months. The rise in Microsoft Stock has created more volatility and the sell-off in the NASDAQ on Friday helped to push put premiums still higher.

I have earned enough profits since starting Put Selling against Microsoft Stock in July 2009, that today if I was assigned 4000 shares my cost would be just $3.98 per share. This shows the strength of Put Selling against large cap stocks. A plunge in valuation now, would have to practically wipe out Microsoft stock to even damage the Microsoft stock portfolio that has been generated. This amount of protection built up since starting Put Selling in July 2009, shows how valuable the strategy using the Put Selling ladder is for investing.

The Put Selling ladder strategy is exceptional for both generating income and its flexibility. I have updated the trades for 2014 to April 4 along with ladder charts to show how I keep positioning the ladder depending on the movement in Microsoft Stock. With the volatility sure to increase next week after Friday’s drop, I am expecting even more returns to pile into my Microsoft Stock trades.

Microsoft Stock 2014 Trades -Put Selling Ladder In Use

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