Profiting With The SDOW 6-10-12-20 Strategy On Big Pullbacks – Market Direction Portfolio – Dec 10 2014

On Dec 8 I bought 2000 shares of SDOW for $20.46. On Thursday Dec 9 I was stopped out for a small profit when the Dow rallied back. I indicated that I was going to wait for a clearer signal. By 10:00 AM today it was obvious that the market was going to move lower. This meant stepping back in to buy the SDOW again.

Late To The Party

The problem though is that the Dow was already down by 10:00 AM. When I am late to the party I know that I want to get into the party but I don’t want to buy at a bottom only to get stopped out on the way back up especially if intraday the selling will result in a rally as it did on Monday Dec 9. In investing there is no guarantee but there are ways to protect the capital being used and the SDOW 6-10-12-20 Strategy handles this.

The rest of this strategy article is for USA Members. It looks at a unique strategy I have used for several years to enjoy profiting from a collapse in the Dow despite missing the initial early morning collapse or pullback.

This strategy article is 2000 words in length and will require 9 pages if printed.

The SDOW 6-10-12-20 Strategy

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