PepsiCo Stock Symbol – PEP

PepsiCo Stock has been a stock I have traded for more than 30 years. It was one of the early stocks to have options introduced. PepsiCo Stock was one of the earliest of my put selling stocks.

This is the full index of all articles I have written about my PepsiCo Stock trades. The purpose of having an index page for each stock I trade is to assist readers is understanding the trading strategy being employed, its outcome and how it is implemented. Rather than focusing on duplicating my trades, I post my PepsiCo Stock trades to get investors thinking about other strategies they could consider employing in order to profit from investing.  Consider reading How I Treat My Investing Like A Business to understand how I approach investing.

This post is an example of the trading journal I keep. In it I have all my stocks so that at a glance I understand how PepsiCo stock is performing, it’s earnings, dividend increases and past trades. This allows me to recall my overall goal and the strategies I have employed. I then can reflect on the effectiveness of those strategies and how I can improve of them. It takes just a moment, but it is surprising how effective a trading  journal is. With it I can look back to determine why a trade was profitable and study those trades that failed or did not meet the profit potential I was aiming for. Through studying the past PepsiCo Stock trades I improve on future trades which leads to consistency of income and profit.


PepsiCo Stock Trading Journal Summary

Trading JournalStatisticsAll Figures In US DollarsBillions
Select Year To ViewYearEarnings / Net Income
Billions / Billions
Debt To
200739.47 / 5.66$1.42548.5x15.6x11.251.8557.5%10.05%
200843.25 / 5.14$1.6548.8x13.7x12.551.8061.5%9.5%
2009 PepsiCo Stock Trades200943.23 / 5.95$1.77548.1x13.5x12.81.7757.7%8.1%
2010 PepsiCo Stock Trades201057.84 / 6.32$1.8949.9x14.5x13.011.7059.8%9.3%
2011 PepsiCo Stock Trades201166.5 / 6.44$2.02549.6x15.5x13.161.656.16%9.72%
2012 PepsiCo Stock Trades2012

This PepsiCo Stock link will take interested readers to PepsiCo’s investor relations

PepsiCo Stock (PEP Stock) Goal and Strategy Employed

PepsiCo Stock 2007 – 2012

The goal has been to earn income through a strategy of put selling at the money puts and out of the money puts. In 2008 and 2009 I was often selling in the money puts as the stock fell dramatically in the bear market, which it also did in the bear market of 2000 to 2003.

At various times, depending on PepsiCo Stock I have bought shares and sold them to capture bounces within the stock itself. I have little interest in owning the stock long term but as the world’s number 2 Non-Cyclical Consumer Goods and Services stock, PepsiCo stays within a very tradeable range making put selling profitable.

PepsiCo Stock Profit and Income Articles

PepsiCo Stock Profiting From The Trading Range

Mar 15 2012 – PepsiCo Stock has been volatile since the start of 2012 and with the downgrade back in mid February by analysts to underperform, PepsiCo Stock has continued to fall back to support and then bounced back to resistance. This whipsawing back and forth is excellent for profits. When such a tight trading range develops it is important for investors to take advantage of it. However to trade such a tight range profitably requires knowledge of where support and resistance are. This article discusses using volume to chart support and resistance for successful trading of PepsiCo Stock.

PepsiCo Stock and Put Selling At Support

Mar 6 2012 – With volatility being low, many investors are complaining that option premiums are drying up. Instead I use the Ultimate Oscillator and Fast Stochastic technical timing tools to spot stocks that are falling to support in order to sell puts for decent premiums. As well the same tools tell me when to consider buying stock for a quick bounce. Rather than chase juniors or look to penny stocks to try to bring in more profit and income, I never stray from my large caps because there is always opportunity in them, if an investor takes the time to look.

PepsiCo Stock Put Selling And Covered Call Strikes

Feb 15 2011 – In this article I look at the steps I take to study a stock like PepsiCo Stock for support and resistance levels in order to pinpoint put selling strikes. If I am wrong with my put strikes after they are sold, I still know that I have done my “homework” to also know what covered call strikes I will probably be able to sell in the event that I am assigned shares. It is always important to have a plan in place for both the entry and the exit of a trade before commencing the actual trade.