PepsiCo Stock has been in and out of my portfolio for more than 25 years. PepsiCo Stock symbol is PEP. PepsiCo is a profitable Nonalcoholic Beverages company on the New York Stock Exchange. It has a global bevcerage, snack and food brand that is widely known and bought. It is a non-cyclical company which means that it realy does not have a period each year when earnings drop off. The company is in 200 countries and every continent. PepsiCo Stock has paid a dividend since 1952 and increased it annually for over 39 years. Book value in January 2012 was $13.16 and cash flow was $5.85 a share. Price to earnings was 16 times which is reasonable and gross margin was 52.59% and profit margin 9.72%. The annual dividend is $2.06 which as of Jan 2012 was 3.2%. PepsiCo is a great company and I have enjoyed substantial profits with PepsiCo Stock over many years. To learn more about this terrific company select this PepsiCo Stock link to visit PepsiCo Investor Relations.  The investment strategy remains the same as the last 3 years, put selling. Through using support and resistance charting I sell puts at points of where I believe there is support in Pepsico Stock when the stock pulls back near those points. If assigned shares I plan to sell covered calls until exercised out of shares and then repeat the process. A lot of investors prefer more volatile stocks than PepsiCo stock for put selling. However I prefer stocks like PepsiCo stock as they tend to not have as many whipsaws and stay within a more defineable range. It is this range that I like to sell puts and covered calls against.

Review PepsiCo Stock Trades For 2011
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Review PepsiCo Stock Trades For 2009

PepsiCo Stock Trades For 2012

Current PepsiCo Stock Status – Year 4
Return for 2012: 19.76%

Capital Currently In Use:  $102533.25
Income Earned in 2012:     $20266.75
Total Income Earned Since Trade Started In 2009: $34971.00
Total Of My Own Capital Required If All Naked Puts Were Assigned:  $67562.25
Number Of Shares If All Naked Puts Were Assigned: 1500
Share Price Valuation (Total Capital Required/Number of shares):  $45.04

DateStock At
Time Of
Action Taken (All Figures Are US Dollars)Comm.Shares
In Use
 Dec 19 2011 64.37 Final Pepsico Stock Trade for 2011 / Sold 5 Naked Puts 18FEB12 $60 for .61 (status: expired) 13.25 30013.25 305.00 14704.25

Jan 17 201264.70Bought 1000 PepsiCo Stock shares  (status: sold at 66.70)7.00100064707.00
Jan 1764.70Sold 5 Naked Puts 18 FEB12 $62.50 for .31 (status: expired)13.2531263.25141.7514846.00
Jan 2666.70Sold 1000 PepsiCo Stock shares7.0001986.0016832.00
Feb 1463.38Bought 500 PepsiCo Stock shares (status: sold at 63.50)
Comments: Select this link to read about this PepsiCo Stock trade and why it is being implemented
Feb 1463.38Sold 5 Naked Puts 17MAR12 $62.50 @ .74 (status: expired)13.2531263.25356.7517188.75
Feb 1563.00Sold 5 Naked Puts 17MAR12 $62.50 @ .88 (status: expired)13.2531263.25426.7517615.50
Feb 1662.80Sold 5 Naked Puts 17MAR12 $62.50 @ 1.01 (status: expired)13.2531263.25491.7518107.25
Feb 1762.68Feb Options Expiry: All Feb Put Options expired
Feb 1762.40Sold 5 Naked Puts 17MAR12 $62.50 @ 1.08 (status:expired)13.2531263.25526.7518634.00
Feb 1762.48Bought 3000 PepsiCo Stock shares (status: sold at 63.50)7.003500187447.00
Feb 1762.45Sold 5 Naked Puts 21APR12 $60.00 for .51 (status: expired)13.2530013.25241.7518875.75
Feb 1762.45Sold 20 Naked Puts 17MAR12 $60.00 for .30  (status: BTC for .03)32.00120032.00568.0019443.75
Feb 2463.50Sold 3500 PepsiCo Stock shares7.000(222243.00)3099.0022542.75
Mar 662.75Bought to close 20 Naked Puts 17MAR12 $60.00 for .03Comments: Select this link to read about this PepsiCo Stock trade and why I closed my Mar $60 puts early. I also explain the strategy I am using to determine purchasing more stock after just recently selling 3500 shares on Feb 17. I am using support and resistance points for put selling and purchasing shares.32.00(92.00)22450.75
Mar 762.25Bought 2000 PepsiCo Stock shares (status: sold 63.90)7.002000124507.00
Mar 762.25Sold  10 Naked Puts 21APR12 $60.00 for .56  (status: expired)19.5060019.50528.0022978.75
Mar 1263.90Sold 2000 PepsiCo Stock shares for $63.907.000(127793.00)3286.0026264.75
Apr 1064.90Sold 10 Naked Puts 19MAY12 $62.50 for .68 (status: expired)19.5062519.50660.5026925.25
May 1868.12May Options Expiry: $62.50 Puts Option Expired
Jun 566.80Sold 10 PepsiCo Stock Naked Puts 21JUL12 $65.00 for .78 (status: expired)19.5065019.50760.5027685.75
Jun 566.80Bought 500 shares PepsiCo Stock for $66.80  (status: sold for $69.55)7.00500(33407.00)
Jun 1569.55Sold 500 shares PepsiCo Stock for $69.557.00034768.001361.0029046.75
Jun 2568.25Sold 5 PepsiCo Stock Naked puts 18AUG12 $67.50 for $1.22 (expired)13.2533763.25596.7529643.50
Jul 2069.96July Options Expiry: $65 naked puts expired
Jul 2468.70Sold 5 PepsiCo Stock Naked Puts 22SEP12 $67.50 for $1.25 (status expired)
Aug 13 71.90Sold 5 PepsiCo Stock Naked Puts 20OCT $67.50 for $ .88 (status: expired)
Aug 1773.39August Expiry: 5 August $67.50 puts expired
Sep 5 71.45Sold 5 PepsiCo Stock Naked Puts 19JAN13 $67.50 for $1.15 (status – carried into 2013)
Sep 2170.55Sept Options expiry 5 Naked Puts $67.50 expired
Oct 17 70.02 Sold 3 PepsiCo Stock Naked Puts 17NOV12 $70.00 for $.88 (status: assigned at $70.00 Nov 16)
Oct 1770.09Bought 500 shares of PepsiCo Stock for a bounce
Comments: To understand this trade read this PepsiCo Stock article.
Oct 1970.55Sold 500 shares at $70.557.0035268.00$261.0031758.00
Oct 1969.88October Options Expiry $67.50 puts expired
Nov 1668.31November Options Expiry 3 NOV $70 puts assigned at $70.00 (status: Sold Dec 17 for $70.25)12.00300(21012.00)
Nov 1667.95Bought 500 shares of PepsiCo Stock at $67.95 (status: sold Dec 17 for $70.25)
Comments Rather than rolling the Nov $70 puts I decided to be assigned the 300 shares and I added another 500 shares through this purchase. I think PepsiCo is fairly valued at $70 to $65 and definitely undervalued below $65
Dec 569.71Dividend 800 shares X .5375430.0032188.00
Dec 1770.25Sold 800 shares of PepsiCo Stock for $70.255.00056195.001203.0033391.00
Dec 2868.15Sell To Open (STO) Put Selling 5 PepsiCo Stock Naked Puts 19JAN13 $67.50 Strike for $.85 (status: carried into 2013)
Dec 2868.15Sell To Open (STO) Put Selling 5 PepsiCo Stock Naked Puts 19JAN13 $70.00 Strike for $2.35 (status: carried into 2013)
End of 2012 – This trade is continued into 2013 – Select this link to move to PepsiCo Stock Trades in 2013