Learn How To Profit Big When Big Cap Stocks Plunge – Coca Cola Stock (KO) Trade Alert for April 20 2016

I have done so many trades in Coca Cola Stock (KO) since the 1970’s I imagine by now they are well into the thousands. This is one great stock. Even in the worst of times like the giant bear it was stuck in during the 1970’s, it was still a great stock to be trading and that was at a time when everything was over the counter through what we called pink sheets. Commissions were ridiculous and you had to call a broker on the phone. But even then, profits made paying stunning commission rates worthwhile.

Coca Cola Stock (KO) Plunge

This morning before markets opened I discussed Coca Cola Stock (KO) and an outlook for trading in the stock.  Coca Cola released their earnings before the open and their revenue and earnings beat estimates which was great news. The problem though is the company maintained its forward guidance for 2016 explaining that the outlook for soda or pop consumption remains volatile. Here in North America soda sales continue to decline.

Coca Cola Stock (KO) Chart for 2016

The reaction from investors is understandable. They are selling Coca Cola Stock (KO) which was up 14.3% yesterday (April 19) at the close, from the January sell-off lows. The chart below shows the excellent run up the stock has has this year. Selling Coca Cola Stock today is understandable for many investors who got into the stock earlier this year will still have some profits today.

Coca Cola Stock 2016 Chart

Coca Cola Stock (KO) 2016 Chart

Huge Profit Potential in Coca Cola Stock (KO)

I discussed before the markets opened today what I would be doing in Coca Cola Stock. I must say the profits are just terrific. What is even more interesting is how even those investors with very small portfolios could easily pick up 7% to 10% in a one month trade today through applying simple strategies to trades in Coca Cola Stock. I entered three different trades in the stock today…..the rest of this Coca Cola Stock trade strategy article is for members.

Coca Cola Stock – Trade Alert – April 20 2016

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