Covered Calls - Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Trade

For Wed Jun 21 2023 there was one stock using the Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy.

This Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy trade was entered as outlined. The trade alert explains the entry of both parts of this strategy setup.

Remember to use the strategy links below to learn the strategy and paper trade the strategy until the results are consistently profitable, before risking capital in these trades.

Strategy Links:

  • This article outlines the Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy and is a good starting place to understand this strategy.
  • This articles discusses techniques for Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy trades that are not exercised or are partly exercised.
  • This article looks at how to learn the strategy through paper-trading it first.

This Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Article is for FullyInformed Members.

Covered Calls: 1st Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Trade for Wed Jun 21 2023

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