2 Tools To Time Short-Selling - Become A Better InvestorSince the SNAP IPO my inbox has been filled with investors asking if I think it is time to short SNAP Stock following their IPO on Thursday Mar 2 2017.

Many investors are “chomping at the bit” so to speak because they remember the IPOs of GoPro and FITBIT to mention just 2. So with just two days of trading and SNAP stock closing at $27.09 up 10.66% on Friday and up 59% since the initial IPO at $17, investors are hungry to get into a short trade on the stock.

So what do I think?

2 Tools For Timimg When To Sell Short

This article looks at 2 tools that are easy for any investor to use that can time when to consider short-selling and when to wait.

I have used these two tools for more than 3 decades and was introduced to them by an investor who relied primarily on short-selling for his portfolio.

These two timing tools can also be a terrific asset for selling or buying options, and can be a life-saver for investors when entering a stock as they can tell an investor that they are entering at the worst possible moment.

This strategy article is for FullyInformed members. It is 1300 words in length and requires 4 pages if printed.

2 Tools To Assist Timing When To Sell Short

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