Weekly Wanderer Strategy Trade Ideas For Mon July 9 2018

Weekly Wanderer Strategy

The Weekly Wanderer Strategy was designed over 15 years ago and remains a prime method for spotting trades including selling put and call options, buying stock for a swing-trade or longer, or buying put and call options depending on what the preference of the investor and what style or manner of investing suits their focus. Here are a few trades to start off the second week of July with some profits using this strategy.

As there are quite a few new members who joined using the 4th of July Special, the material below should be helpful in understanding how this strategy works.

This article outlines how the Weekly Wanderer Strategy works. It is a good place to start, for investors who are unfamiliar with this strategy. It is an easy strategy to use and can result in significant profits.

This trade article is for FullyInformed members.

 Weekly Wanderer Strategy Trade Ideas For Mon July 9 2018

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