Weekly Wanderer Strategy Trade Alerts for Sep 18 2018

Weekly Wanderer Strategy

The Weekly Wanderer Strategy has been in my tool chest of strategies to use for a couple of decades. It continues to produce above average returns for my portfolio and today there were a couple of interesting trades.

I designed the Weekly Wanderer Strategy was designed as a prime method for spotting trades including selling put and call options, buying stock for a swing-trade or longer, or buying put and call options depending on what the preference of the investor and what style or manner of investing suits their focus.

The strategy is ideal for armchair investing. Those investors who have little time to be trading intraday and want to place a trade and then just check it once randomly during the week. This is a strategy I used often when working full-time. It allowed me to place a handful of trades but not worry about the trades during the day while employed. I could check the trades intraday or in the evenings or weekends and then plan on any adjustments needed.

This article outlines how the Weekly Wanderer Strategy works. It is a good place to start, for investors who are unfamiliar with this strategy. It is an easy strategy to use and can result in significant profits.

This trade article is for FullyInformed members.

 Weekly Wanderer Strategy Trade Alerts for Sep 18 2018

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