Covered Calls while on holidayOne of the problems active or even semi-active investors have is how to keep income flowing in while away on holidays.  Recently an investor emailed that he was taking a two month holiday and was holding 200 shares of TD Bank Stock. The stock trades on both Toronto and New York under the same symbol – TD.

The investor was wondering about writing covered calls on his stock. His concern was lack of trading access while on holiday. But that’s what a holiday is for, to get away from being chained to a computer or smartphone and not worrying about the market and your trades.

Let’s review his question and look at some answers.

Investor Questions:

Hi Teddi, I have 200 TD Bank stock shares, and I am going away for about two months, and may not have access to trading.  Would you recommend writing calls on it, and if so, strike and expiry.  I am leaving on Nov 15th 2015.

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Using Covered Calls While On Holidays – TD Bank Stock (TD)

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