Upcoming Trade Alert – Alfac Stock (AFL) – What Pullbacks Teach Us – July 14 2015

Aflac stock has been in my stable of stocks since 2013. Over that time period Aflac stock managed in November 2013 to reach around the $67.50 valuation. This is the closest it has come to date to reaching the $68.90 valuation from mid-2008. Since then the stock in the October pullback of 2014 fell back to a low of $54.99. Since that pullback the stock has wandered in a tight trading range, being unable to recover the $67.50 valuation or the break below the $55 valuation.

While the stock has not done much over the past two years to inspire buy and hold investors, it has done very well in my portfolio and I am preparing to enter another trade. This trade is based on the stock selection criteria laid out in my article What Pullbacks Teach Us.

Aflac Stock Three-Year Chart to July 14 2015

Aflac Stock Three-Year Chart to July 14 2015

This is my latest trade idea for Aflac Stock. I mentioned this idea a couple of days ago in my morning strategy notes but today I have outlined the entire trade along with another trade idea for investors with less capital.

Aflac Stock – Trade Ideas for July 14 2015

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