Upcoming Bond Trade In TLT ETF For Mar 16 2017

TLT ETF iShares 20 year plus treasury bond ETFThe Fed’s decision yesterday, March 15, to raise interest rates another quarter of a percent, initially saw bonds jump. I thought the reaction was simply knee-jerk because reading through the Fed announcement it is obvious they are heading toward 3% by mid-2019.

This means bonds have further to fall in my opinion, but certainly not overnight. As always there will be spikes and dips and those are what I look for to trade in.

The TLT ETF is the 20 year plus ETF from iShares. As such it is a medium to long-term bond fund and I find a very good product for selling options against.I have traded in this ETF for more than 10 years.

TLT ETF Trade Ideas

Yesterday I entered one trade and today I am setting up for possibly two more trades.

This article for members looks at 2 new trades in TLT ETF and discusses the outlook for bonds and the TLT ETF in particular.

This trade alert and ideas article is for FullyInformed Members

TLT ETF Trade Ideas For Mar 16 2017


Disclaimer: There are risks involved in all investment strategies and investors can and do lose capital. You always trade at your own risk. The author assumes no liability for your investment decisions. Read the full disclaimer.

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