Understanding Selling Pressure When Trading The Spy Put Options – Nov 13 2015

I have been discussing the SPY Put options more frequently since August when the market started to correct. When trading in the Spy Put options, the key aspect to remember is that it is a trading product and not a product to be held for any lengthy period.

The most recent Spy Put Options I purchased were the $208 put strike which expires today. In between the original purchase I have been trading the Spy Puts based on the market direction outlook.

I am creating a new trading table for the Spy Put Options which will incorporate the market direction outlook and therefore the outlook for trading the Spy Put Options. This is not a trade for every investor as it takes practice and capital that can afford to be lost. I always recommend paper trading until the winning trades are consistently 80% of the trades being done. When trading with real capital all it takes is a couple of losses and most investors will lose their confidence to trade the Spy Put Option.

Instead by paper-trading, investors have the opportunity to learn more without losses. This builds confidence.

Here is the latest Spy Put Trade strategy article for FullyInformed USA members.

SPY PUT Trade Alert for Nov 13 2015

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