Trade Alert – Market Direction Portfolio Dec 13 2012

This morning Doug Harris did two trades in his Market Direction Portfolio. Here are the links:

Trade One done at 9:50

Trade Two done at 10:30

Link to the full Market Direction Portfolio

Market Direction Portfolio Background

The market direction portfolio started in September and now being handled by Doug Harris is now up 11.7%. Not too bad considering that there are not a lot of trades. It isn’t a day trading vehicle. This market direction portfolio is built around using the Ultra ETFs to profit from the market direction. Previously it was run by another investor friend William but when could no longer post, Doug stepped up to the task being a younger investor at 73 years of age. What a spring chicken he is. Doug Harris only does two strategies each year. The first is the market direction portfolio and the second is his one stock portfolio. He is a man who likes to put all his eggs in two baskets. Most of his capital is in the market direction portfolio and 25% is in his one stock portfolio. He is considering posting his one stock portfolio to the members section. I hope he does. I realize it is a lot of work to keep sending out trade alerts and doing write-ups. Thanks to Doug Harris for his help.