Trade Alert and How To Approach A Trade – Aflac Stock (AFL) – April 30 2014

AFLAC stock is one of those stocks I can easily generate annual double-digit returns against. Any number of strategies can be used against Aflac Stock making it ideal for those investors looking for double-digit returns each year in what is a stable company. The recent earnings from Aflac Stock failed to meet revenue projections which is quickly becoming typical for the quarter as only about 2% of all stocks so far have managed to beat revenue estimates. For Aflac stock revenue estimates averaged $5.8 billion whereas Aflac managed to generated just $5.6 billion in revenue marking a significant drop from $6.2 billion for the same quarter last year.

Revenue was up slightly in the United States but first-quarter net income fell 18% because of a weaker Japanese yen. Aflac is a major insurer in the Japan and as such it is impacted by currency swings in the Yen. Let’s take a look at the stock to see where the next trades are and why I made an additional trade today after making one just two days earlier on April 28.

This article is not simply a look at trading opportunities within Aflac Stock but examines the approach taken when deciding whether to risk capital in a trade or not. The approach to investing is a prime ingredient in being able to consistently place winning trades that earn profits and protect capital from losses.

Aflac Stock Trade Alert, Ideas and Strategy Discussion

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