Stop-Loss Adjusting On The Market Direction Portfolio Trade

The continued weakness in the market direction, has meant continued adjusting of the stop-loss being used. This is not a sell-off but market weakness and keeping a tight stop-loss at times is warranted.

To profit fully from trading market direction, it is important to understand when to begin tightening the stop-loss and when to keep it wide so as to avoid being taken out on spikes only to be followed by further downside in the market direction.

Once an investor masters the use of a stop-loss, the ability to profit from trading in the ultra ETF products against market direction is substantially better.

Market Direction Portfolio Trade Update for June 12 2014

For FullyInformed USA Members here is the latest trade adjustment of the stop-loss being used including for the market direction portfolio which I entered yesterday.

FullyInformed USA Members can can read the latest trade update directly through this link or they can sign in to the full site here. Non-members can join here.

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