SPY ETF Trade Alert Ahead of Dec Non-Farm Payroll Numbers – Jan 9 2020

On Fri Jan 10 2020 we get the non-farm payroll numbers for the month of December. Early indications are that the number will be better than estimated.

I setup this trade, today, to try to profit once again, using the trade ahead of non-farm payroll numbers strategy. I am aiming for a return of 100% in the trade.

I have been using this strategy for approximately 12 years and have not yet had a month where there were losses. But like everything in investing, past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. At some point there will be a loss in this trade.

The monthly payroll numbers have been among the most tumultuous of events on a consistent basis which for the past 12 years has driven this portfolio to exceptional gains annually.

With the markets in currently in “Iranian retaliation worry”, volatility could jump, especially if the numbers are weakor than expected and markets could dip. I am not expecting that to be the case. I am aiming to to potentially double the capital being placed at risk. These though are high risk trades that can result in large losses. Paper trading to learn the strategy is highly recommended.

Make sure to read the full trade article before deciding whether to enter such a trade today.

 This Trade Ahead Of Non-Farm Payroll Numbers is for members

SPY ETF Trade Alert Ahead of Nov Non-Farm Payroll Numbers – Jan 9 2020 

Disclaimer: There are risks involved in all investment strategies and investors can and do lose capital. Trade at your own risk.

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