Selling Options For Income In An Uptrend – Bank of Montreal Stock (BMO) For Nov 21 2016

I have a lot of positions now open in all the major Canadian Banks and they continue to move higher.

With the TSX Composite Index up over 100 points again today, bank stocks are being bought by investors who are continuing to push their valuations higher. A lot of investors big and small, are anticipating better earnings from Canada’s banks if interest rates rise in 2017 which many analysts believe will be the case.

Bank of Montreal Stock 12 Month Chart

The major Canadian banks have all been in uptrends for most of 2016. The uptrend in Bank of Montreal Stock started in February when the stock was just under $70. Since then the stock has continually climbed with a variety of buying and trading opportunities all along the way. Today with the stock pushing to new all-time highs again, Bank of Montreal Stock is up 25.7% which is an excellent move for a financial stock, especially in Canada where the economy has remained weak. With the dividend added in, Bank of Montreal Stock has returned almost 30% this year. With all the Canadian banks continuing in uptrends, they have been among the very best “deals” this year and all have added handsomely to my portfolio in 2016.

Bank of Montreal Stock to Nov 21 2016

Bank of Montreal Stock to Nov 21 2016

Selling Options For Income – BMO Stock

This is a trade alert and discussion of selling options for income in Bank of Montreal Stock (BMO).

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 Bank Of Montreal Trade Alert – Nov 21 2016

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