In the past two days AT&T Stock has taken quite the tumble. AT&T Stock trades under the symbol T. I sold my last batch of naked puts for the July 20 $34 put strike too early, but I rectified some of that today. As well I am holding naked puts at the $36 put strike for June 22, $35 put strike for both June 22 and July 20 options expiry and the $34 for July 20 options expiry. This places my overall position in at $35. With a dividend of $1.80, if I took assignment on my shares I would be earning about 5.1% from that dividend.

Rolling Naked Puts Intraday

But why accept assignment yet when there are such fabulous returns available through continuing to put sell. I have an advantage over put sellers who do not want to own shares in that I would own the shares of the stocks I put sell against. AT&T Stock is definitely one of those companies. However to keep that income pouring in I want to take advantage of every penny available to me through Put Selling, while avoiding assignment.

To that end, I use a day like today, with exceptional volatility to roll my naked puts. Here is how I roll in the money and slightly out of the money naked puts to take advantage of the swings within the stock. Remember that often AT&T Stock moves only 10 or 20 cents in a day, so a day like today or yesterday are exceptional for making more income.
This is a FullyInformed Members strategy article explaining the art of rolling in the money naked puts intraday to increase income,, avoid assignment and adjust positions. To read the rest of this strategy article FullyInformed Members can login directly through this link or Members can sign in here. Non-members can join here.

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