Quick Comments On FullyInformed Investing Tools Updates – Sep 13 2017

FullyInformed Investing Tools Update


Latest Upgrades To Investing Tools Are Completed

I didn’t get a chance today to post articles during the day. When I saw the market moving sideways I knew this was the perfect day to meet with the developers. They have been trying to get me to spend a day with them to complete the next phase of the Put Selling tool and I have been busy trading the volatility. Today was perfect so I contacted them, they cleared their schedule and they worked all day with me to finalize the latest upgrades.

Tutorial Being Completed

The next phase is finished and the beta tests are completed. I have been completing a tutorial this afternoon to show members how to use the new tool to judge direction, strength and probability. I will be finished this evening. All the upgrades to the tool are being installed starting today after 5:00 PM and will not be completed until sometime tomorrow. I will have the tutorial up later this evening. I will send out an email, post a notice to twitter and to the Yahoo forum so all members can review the tutorial before starting to use the new upgrades.

Test Results Were Excellent

This is a major upgrade and it was put through quite the testing in the last pullback. Results were excellent.

Members Are Enjoying Strong Gains For 2017

It’s exciting to see the results as more and more members have been emailing me their results this year to date. Members are anywhere from 12% to 40% so far this year, depending on when they either joined or got started trading this year. One member who started in January is up 70% on his entire portfolio and he advised he is using only the Put Options Selling Tool Analysis for every trade.

Double Your Capital In Under 4 Years

For those members enjoying even a 20% gain, that means if you are reinvesting your gains and each year your earn 20%, your money in use will double in 3 years 10 months. This is how I got started decades ago and as we are seeing from so many members, the results continue to “speak for themselves”.

More Posts To Follow

I will be posting more on the updates to the Put Options Selling Tool shortly.

Thank You For Your Advice and Suggestions

Thank you to all members for your support of FullyInformed and your advice and suggestions for improving both the investing tools as well as the site itself.

Two New Tools In Beta Stage

For those members asking me about the Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy trade as well as the Trade Ahead Of Earnings Strategy, yes there are two new tools coming that will be devoted to those strategies. They are in the third beta phase now.

I am delighted with the work done by the developers. I hope members are as well.


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Disclaimer: There are risks involved in all investment strategies and investors can and do lose capital. You trade at your own risk. The author assumes no liability for your investment decisions. Read the full disclaimer.

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