Put Selling Seagate Stock – STX Stock

One of the trade ideas posted to the members site was on Seagate Technology. Seagate Stock symbol is STX and it trades on the NASDAQ. Seagate Stock has been in an uptrend since November and several times over the past 12 months I have done Put Selling on Seagate Stock. While the stock looks fairly solid, I do believe Seagate Stock has only so much upside potential which is why it remains stuck within a trading range. It is a wider trading range, but it is having trouble breaking out of that trading range.

Put Selling Seagate Stock Trading Range

If you go back to the three-year daily chart on Seagate Stock you can see the trading ranges much easier. In mid 2010 right through until Jan 2012 I was Put Selling the $15 put strike repeatedly. Often I was Put Selling in the money and I was surprised when the stock fell to $10.00 in 2010 and in 2011. Starting in 2011 the Seagate Stock commenced paying a dividend. This offered minimal support at best.

Seagate Stock 1 year chart

Looking at the above 3 year chart may get some investors excited but I actually preferred Seagate stock at the $15 level for Put Selling purposes. I believe you have to be careful when Put Selling Seagate Stock. Here is my strategy for STX Stock.

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