Problems For Subscribers Using SBCGLOBAL.NET For Email

A number of members and subscribers to my newsletter use SBCGLOBAL.NET as their provider. Unfortunately they are blocking a lot of my email and returning it as spam. I have spoken with them but they remain adamant that email users should be the ones to contact AT&T and not as the sender. Therefore, for those investors using SBCGLOBAL.NET as their email provider I suggest going to: and filling out their form or in lieu of that contacting your provider via phone.

The other suggestion is to open a yahoo, outlook, or gmail email account as they do not filter my emails, and send that email address to me. Then set up that email address to forward email to your SBCGLOBAL.NET account.

AT&T tends to be very aggressive when it comes to email filtering. This is not the first time this has happened and they represent a lot of companies so unfortunately often email is returned to me and I cannot contact investors using SBCGLOBAL.NET email amounts so even when I send you an email to advise you of the problem, it won’t get through.

My apologies but this is beyond my control.

My Best Always,

Teddi Knight

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