Market Direction Portfolio Update – Trades Done

This is an update for FullyInformed Members to advise that Doug Harris has made adjustments to the market direction portfolio. To view the latest update to the market direction portfolio you can see his latest purchase of UDOW shares here through this link Market Direction Portfolio Ongoing Trades . Scroll down to Jan 18 once you are in the trade.

The UDOW is the ProShares UltraPro 2X ETF that Doug trades in when the market direction is up.

In today’s market direction portfolio trade alert Doug explains how he will be purchasing UDOW shares on dips to profit from the ongoing trend higher. He explains further his use of a stop-loss. I read his article and found it interesting because with the DOW sitting at a breakout point and within reach of the all-time highs, many investors may be wondering if it is foolhardy to be buying at this point. Doug explains his method which while simple and used by thousands of investors, still was interesting to read and consider going forward.

Here is the link to his trade alert article.

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