Market Direction Portfolio and Using A Stop-Loss To Lock In Profits on Ultra ETFs

This is a strategy article update for FullyInformed Members. Doug Harris has posted an interesting strategy update for how he uses a stop-loss on his market direction portfolio once the market starts to move higher after purchasing shares of his selected ETF. This update is well worth reading for those investors interested in using the Ultra ETFs for profiting from market direction moves, up and down. Once Doug has put in place his strategy for his stop-loss the amount of work required to maintain it is small allowing him to get on with his day and check the markets just once or twice during the day and then making adjustments after hours.

This is an ideal way to profit for busy investors who may be fully employed and unable to check their stock positions during the day. The market direction portfolio which uses only Ultra ETFs to benefit from the market direction is up 6.9% in realized gains since January and is up 10.79% in unrealized gains. Doug is aiming for a return of 15% for the year which certainly appears more than probable and is excellent for busy investors. 15% annually would mean a doubling of capital every 5 years. Not only is this excellent for large investors but this type of return would be very beneficial to small investors as well.

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