Market Direction Outlook for Sep 30 2015 – Pivotal Day

Sep 29, 2015 | Stock Market Outlook

Tonight’s market direction outlook is expanded and includes extensive review of the markets, economic data, the present downturn and a number of trade ideas as well as updates for members.

Tomorrow marks the final day of September. Historically the day has proven poor for stocks. The Dow has been down 13 of the last 17 years on Sep 30.

But September is also followed by October which for many investors holds the fear of crashes and ravages of bear markets. The wounds of October 2008 are well remembered by many investors.

However October is often a better month for stocks than most investors realize. Historically October has been good for stocks, aside from the odd crash here and there.

Overall while the likelihood of rising revenue numbers in the next quarterly reports which start next week is slim, so too is the likelihood of a recession. Presently there are far more signs that the economy is doing well than there are that it is on the verge of a recession. That means stocks at present levels are becoming more attractive each day that stocks are falling. Today’s advance decline numbers showed more than 500 stocks setting new 52 week lows. Many of those stocks are in bear markets of their own down over 20 to 25 percent in the present correction. However volume today was 52% of all volume was moving to the upside. This could be a signal as we enter what may turn out to be a pivotal day on Wednesday Sep 30.

Members Only Market Direction Outlook and Trade Ideas for Sep 29 2015

The Market Direction Outlook for Sep 29 is for members for the reasons explained above.  FullyInformed USA Members can read the latest Market Direction Outlook and review trade ideas directly through this link. Members can also sign in to the full USA site here. Non-members can join here or read about the benefits of a membership.

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