Market Direction Intraday Comments for Apr 4 2013

Market Direction today is back following the outlook from the market direction technical indicators outlook from last night. The outlook last night for market direction was for a bounce back in the morning and then more selling. The bounce back this morning in market direction was short but provided enough time for me to put in place a Spy Put Options Trade which ended successfully. For those investors interested in more trade alert type information I suggest twitter as a prime source as although sometimes I am late getting trades posted I try my best to post there as soon as possible.

Market Direction Action For Today

Stock continue more sideways than anything else as the Weekly Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims increased by 28,000 to 385,000 which is a 4 month high. For those investors who follow my articles on the Weekly Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims, these numbers are reaching into the range of where the market direction up has difficult continuing. Therefore if next week’s numbers are higher, I will not be surprised if the market direction remains weak and under pressure. If however the Weekly Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims are lower next week watch for the market direction to push higher. If you go to the Market Timing Systems category you can read all the articles about the Weekly Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims. Here is the link to the market timing systems category.

Market Direction Intraday Chart on the S&P 500

The Intraday market direction chart for the S&P 500 set for 5 minutes shows what is happening. The market bounced back which is what the market direction technical indicators had pointed to yesterday after the close. Since then though the market direction has been a pattern of lower highs and lower lows which investors who ready should know by know is a sign of weakness.

Market Direction Intraday April 4 2013

Market Direction Outlook Intraday for Apr 04 2013

Don’t be fooled by this market direction though. I would not be trading each of these highs by buying Spy Put Options and then trying to sell on each lower low. This remains a bull market. The Fed is determined that the economy will recover. Those who believe that there is nothing further from the Fed are, I believe very mistaken. Bernanke is a determined individual who despite pumping in trillions of dollars has not seen the inflation or the economic collapse that so many economists predicted. This market direction this afternoon could stay sideways or even try to push higher toward the close and then sell slightly to end the day.

Will all the “sabre rattling” out of North Korea you would think investors would be more jittery but they are not. This tells you that staying cautious is warranted but betting that the market direction will fall apart now is I think premature.

Market Direction Weakness

I believe the market direction will stay weak but I can see scenarios for both the market to try to push back or to fall lower. My outlook is for the market to stall, pull back a bit, reorganize and then try to push higher. This is just a prediction and I have not technical indicators to support this. It is also why I stay with stocks I would own in the event that the market direction surprises me and I end up owning more shares than I thought. I have no intention of taking losses on any of my positions. I will work all my trades lower and where needed apply additional capital into my stocks. I have a lot of confidence in my stocks and I have a lot of cash on the sidelines to go with that confidence.

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